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Pure collagen![gelatin bone glue]Xinhua News Agency, March 8 (Reporter Pan Jie, Rong Qihan) Restaurant, Jiwei, at the first meeting of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Association, said that the structural reform of the supply side is realized. The road to economic high quality development▷▪▲, structural reform is mainly to break the system of institutional mechanism▽△, and realize the system adjustment of elements optimization. In the process of “three go to one drop, it is not true reform if the administrative order and the government are promoted◇▲…◁. The building is also uncommon through the administrative order, and the phenomenon “to capacity” is still uncommon; the high cost of the room price and the inventory▷▽, the high cost completion and use of various development zones has been coexisting, and the difficulty of “go to stock” is added. When talking about “costing”-○, the building also said that institutional transaction costs also have a decline in space, such as lifting control, deepeni□□◇.

Original title▲▷-: Let Cui Yongyuan hit the “mobile phone” that Fan Bingbi Feng Xiaogang Liu Zhenyun did not put it. What kind of movie is it■◇☆? More than ten days ago, Feng Xiaogang announced that the movie “Mobile 2” was announced in Weibo, and the first part of the first part of the horse, and also put a comparison of the fifteen years and now. Several primary creation should check▪◆▽. This is completely irritated. First, the chat history of him and Liu Zhenyun, the content is to prevent “mobile phone 2▪◆” from shooting★▼◁, Liu Zhenmian returns■★◁△. Next, he saw Fan Bingbing to receive the “National Spirit Creative Award”, which issued an ironic voice. Turning out the screenshots of Xu Fan and Liu Zhenyun to accept interviews•☆-, the main goal is still ridiculed their husband and old△▽. ?

Zhengzhou, May 28 (reporter Liu Peng) as the only province of the four national cultural parks in the four national cultural parks in the Yellow River, the Grand Canal, the Long March and the Great Wall△▼▷=, how to plan ★◆☆■”Husband Henan” Wenbao Construction will plan ,layout? Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to an external answer on the 28th☆•◇. Jiang Ji Ding, director of Henan Provincial Cultural and Tourism▪▽■, with “five new”, namely “Huang River Culture]” Wen Da “-●◁,-•◆•” The New Year of the Husband ▽☆■☆”,” The New Fruit ◁▪”” Stage Art ” Panting and high, recalling the ▼…▪”13th Five-Year Plan” period Henan Wenbao work transcripts△•. Make “14th Five-Year Plan”•▲▪☆, Jiang Jixing introduced that the national cultural park is the majority of promotion implementati.

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