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[packageable protein powder industry]Original title: Xian launched a special rectification of commercial housing transaction order, severely crack down on internal listings, etc. Source: Western Network May 25•□, Xian Housing Security and Housing Authority official WeChat release notice, will carry out special rectification activities of commercial housing transaction order in the city Severely crack down on real estate development enterprises false shake▪••◁, internal listings▷▽◁☆, set the preferences such as restrictive conditions, unsupport○◁■, avoid regulatory policies, manufacturing market panic☆▼, etc. to disturb the market order…△•. In order to maintain the order of the real estate market, ensure the right to know-▽, choose the right to know▼◇, choose the right to know, the right to choose the real estate market environment□●, our bureau decided to carry out special rectification activities of commercial housing transaction order in the city, and severely crack down on real estate development enterprises. Internal listings, set the full price and other restrictive condition■◆△=!

Original title◁◇•: Eli Qing Su Rong Case Yu Nihui Jiangxi is strictly dealing with 43 party members in accordance with the law in accordance with the law on September 11th, △★”The news conference on the resoluteness of the full and thoroughness of the Su Rong case” press conference in Jiangxi Provincial Government Information Office Press Release Office was held. What highlights have this conference•▲◁☆? Follow the information daily newspaper. Q: In recent years, our province has adopted a series of measures to eliminate the residual poison of Su Rong=★★, and promote the political ecological construction of the wind and the gas◆△▪. What effective☆★=☆? A: · Resolutely investigate and deal with the violation of the relevant personnel involved in Su Rongs cases…○, the 43 party members who involved Su Rong case made serious deal with the law according to law▪★, including serious violations and suspected of crime has been transferred to the judicial organs to handle 9 people, giving the party discipline 16 peopl?

Original title◁…: Beijing provides free online “family education”, so that if the training chaos is in the bottom of the potential=□▷▽, if it is said that the training of the school is “blocked”◆•▽=, the free online “home education” provided by the government is ▽▷◇”sparse”▷▼△◆. Wen Feng Haining In the future, many middle school students in Beijing can avoid the worries of the school•△=. According to the ★◁”Beijing Daily”, March 30th, 2018 Beijing Middle School Teacher Open Online Counseling Program was officially launched. The teacher open online counseling is different from the teachers paid family. It is a direct direct online service that the government leads to all students. Its implementation and organizational management funds are guaranteed by municipal funds. For a long time, the reason why the school training market and the online education market is very popular, and one of the reasons is that students and parents have strong demand for extracurricular counselin enteric coated capsule application of protein engineering in food industry▪• About Us skin gelatin glue, super collagen!