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[120 bloom gelatin]Original title★◁▲: Exclusive Hu Hangang responded ◆…▼”China” The China Regional Economy 50 Forum 2018 “” Chinas “Chinas comprehensive exceeding the United States△●” in responding to the China New Commodity Reference. HuAnang said that the evaluation of others does not comment, it is recommended to see a professional article, ▪•”the academic research must use academic form▼☆△★”, “our statement uses a professional intellectual property database to argue”□▲◆. He said that China is in the worlds second world in international patents, definitely surpass the United States before 2020. Hu Hangang believes that △▪”academic research should be rigorous, and self-removal, because we are experts•…◁.

Original title: Southern Metropolis Daily: Ministry of Education▪▲: Teachers free education is adjusted to public education▲◆▼, ensuring that each person has a job with the Secretary of China☆▷○, and the Office of the State Council issued a notice, forwarding the Ministry of Education and other departments of the Ministry of Education The Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Public Educational Education of Teachers Health (China Office [2018] No△●▼. 75▼…▪, hereinafter referred to as ▽●”Measures”)◁◆●☆, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education answered questions about the reporter on the “Measures”. What policies have been transitioned from the “Free Education•▷◆•” pilot to “Free Education”, ■-▼▪”Measures”? The “Measures” adapts to the need for new era teachers team construction reform=▽◆, according to the issues in the implementation of policy implementation, based on the National Office [2007] No□•◆. 34 and National Office [2012] No. 2 document-▪, improvement and improveme.

Original title: Ma Guoqiang is the Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee□▽, has been vacanwed by 4 months◁◆☆, and Wuhan held the citys leading cadre meeting, announced the central decision: Comrade Ma Guorong Ren Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Secretary. Jiang Chaoyiang, secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee☆■△, attended the meeting and delivered a deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and Chen Yixin, the Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, after the Secretary-General, the Secretary-General, the Secretary of Wuhan has been vacant, and it is four months◁◆…◁. Shortly from Wuhan•■■○, the principal of China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co-=., Ltd.◇◆▲, the party secretary of the Party Committee•◁, was served as deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee. In May of this year, Zhou Zhou□■, deputy governor of Hubei Province▷-, served as deputy secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor▷◁◇, and the Mayor of Wuhan, and Zhou Xianwang, who went to the Hubei Provincial Government to serve as Vice Governors. Foll.