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[pharmaceutical gelatin suppliers]Deputy Director of the 13th National Peoples Congress☆•☆■, the deputy director of the news center, host Wang Dongmei, friends, good afternoon. Welcome to participate in a reporter meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress△●. The theme of this reporter will be ●…▲•”premierates precise and unprecedented▷•.◆•○” Today, we are very happy to invite the deputy head of the State Councils Poverty Alleviation Development Leading Group, Mr. Liu Yongfu★▪■○, director of the Office, invited him to answer the issues proposed by the reporters around this topic. Let us first ask Liu Yongfu to say a few words◇○▷■. Ms△☆◆. Liu Yongfu, gentleman, good afternoon★…△. I am very happy to meet with the reporter friends. Everyone knows that the partys 18th National Congress has made three major attacks on the prevention of significant risks, precisely poverty•☆-, pollution prevention and control□▼▼●. On the eve of this Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping arrived in Sichuan Liangshan in the deep poor are.

Original title: my country is carrying out the spatial nuclear power research representative committee brings new news science and technology daily Beijing March 8 (Reporter Fu Yifei) National Peoples Congress, the sean of China Space Technology Group, Liu Zhi, is introduced to the reporter☆○, the hospital Joint United Nations nuclear power related research design units, launching space nuclear power program argumentation and key technical research work, follow-up will form a variety of programs such as nuclear heat, nuclear power□–★, and expand the adaptability of spatial tasks. Nuclear heat promotion has the advantages of high, power generation, large thrust, and long working life▪•○=. It is the next generation of space propulsion system that can foreseen by the human technology level□…. It is also a large scale of manned deep space detection. The ideal power of deep space detection. my country released ◆▲”2017-2045 aerospace transportation system development rou•▼.

Original title: Chinas large steps to build a service government (release and interpretation) “A 蟆 jumped into the water, returning to the Agriculture Department, bunching to the Forest Administration.…○◇●” ▷○”I species peony from the Forestry Bureau■◁, change the peony It is necessary to return to the Agriculture Department-◁•, one is herb, one is a wood. =☆■”At the end of March■☆, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference describes government agencies. However, with the 13th National Peoples Congress, the meeting reviewed through the State Councils institutional reform programs, and the “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan” (spot model programs) will be published, these phenomena will become history. According to the plan, in terms of the State Council, the positive ministerial institution is reduced by 8, and the deputy-level agency is reduced◇▽; if you want to change the place for many years, it is now moving true … It has used ◁=”unprecedented▼▽▪” “comprehensive change” at home and abroad. D▼●?

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Global Network Report Reporter Zhu Pei] According to Russian Satellite News Agency reported on March 28, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued news that China Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Russias date from March 27 and 28th. According to the news, “Due to the change of the Russian leaders schedule, it decided to postpone the date of the Chinese State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit Russia.” The Russian Foreign Affairs pointed out that Russian-Chinese bilateral will negotiate a specific visit through diplomatic channels••-. In the early morning, the deputy director of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Chinas Foreign Minister will visit Russia on March 27th and 28th▽◆▪, and talk to Russian Foreign Minister Ruff Rov. Editor in charge: Zhang Jian?

Original title-▽: Headline Prime Minister of this country visited China, USA double “tension☆-“! According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs=★◇◁, it is agreed by both parties○▲□. The Independence of Papua New Guinea (hereinafter referred to as Pakistan) Prime Minister ONeill will visit China from June 20 to 26▽◆□. ▲ Papua New Guinea Independence ONeill (Yidi Image) has public opinion notice that in the eve of the new Prime Minister●•■, the US media has once again speculated so-called “China Expansion-○•”…▲☆. At the same time, there are also Australian scholars to refer to it●•▽•, need to be alert to China to seek military existence in the South Taihang□•▷★. However■▲, although Western media such as Meisao has repeatedly speculached the so-called “China Threat” in the south, Chinas threat, but the latest visit to China is undoubtedly giving these media a loud slap. The southern island country dares to worry about diplomac▲△. gelatin from horse hooves collagen fish collagen peptidescollagen peptide fish porcine gelatin vs bovine gelatin protein shake industry,