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[protein powder industry]Original title: Economic Daily△◁◇, Five Wen, Deep Interpretation On On July 31, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting◇=•, analyzing the current economic situation and deploying economic work in the second half of the year▲■. From August 1st to 5th, the Economic Daily published a commentator article for five consecutive days, and interpretation of how to treat the current economic situation. The five articles are “in the promotion of stability”, “” Correctly guiding economic and social development expectations “” Only the “to attack the difficulties can win the future□★” “Doing your own things should be changed” ★□●•”” should change the new challenge ” Highlight new as “.” Lets take a look at the stability of the promotion, stabilize, and to do well in the second half of the economy△□○, you must highlight a …▽▽★”stable” word, that is to ensure the stability of the economic and social situation★▲◁. ▶ Keep the “stability●•◇▪” of the econom.

To develop the birds nest industry-related standards to increase the supervision of the birds nest market chaos, consumers are easy to be misleading experts to call for chaos, and need to be strongly standardized to give consumers a healthy and orderly consumption environment▲▷…. Experts suggest that the industry, national standards of birds nest products should be established as soon as possible, and relevant departments should strengthen supervision on the birds nest product market. □ Our reporter Xu Wei □ This newspaper reporter Liu Xin was known as fresh-shaped birds nest leading brands – “Xiaoxian Stew•●” has recently stressed••! Due to ★◇-▲”Business Promotion of Commodity”, ◁=”in advertising, in advertising, misunderstanding or false content, misleading consumers”, Beijing Xiaoxian Stewed E-Commerce Co.=▪□, Ltd. (wi.

Original title●○: Changchun Changsheng problem rabies vaccine renewal, do you want to make up▽●, how to make it? On August 6th, the State Council Survey Group announced the progress of Jilin Changchun Changsheng Company illegal and violated the investigation of rabies vaccine cases, the National Health Supervision Bureau and the National Food and Drug Administration jointly issued “vaccination of Changchun Changsheng Company rabies vaccine continued to substructure▷△” In the past few days, the masses who have vaccinated the rabies vaccine of Changchun Chang Shengs rabies vaccination are served. Relevant experts also accepted an interview with the renewal replenishment of everyone. In my country, most people infected rabies virus are bitten by animals with rabies◁●▽, causing injury◆▽. It is necessary to specifically suggest that rabies is not a patented patent, almost all warm blood▼□★, including poultr fish gelatine halal collagen peptide from fish whey protein industry in india viva naturals pure collagen peptides grass fed bovine collagen!

Xinhua News Agency◁▲, Beijing, China: Beijing ■●◆○”3 · 17″ Real Estate Market Regulation Faculty: Market Transportation Price Qi Fuming Kong Xiangxin, Lu Chang, Zhang Chao March 17, 2017, Beijing Release ★…”About the Wealth of Commodity Housing And the Notice of Differentiated Credit Policy “to increase the regulation of real estate market. The relevant departments of Beijing have successively introduced more than 20 policy measures such as ▲●”Recognition Protection” and ▷★■▷”Improvement). In the past year, the amount of commodity residential transactions in Beijing has declined, and the price of new commodity residential buildings is overall, and the price of second-hand residential buildings is raised. The quantity prices fell●▪, the price of second-hand housing was more obvious in Beijing Chaoyang District Real Estate Registration Affairs Center. The reporter saw that the scene of the people in the registration hall in the ◁○”3.17○■” regulation in 2017 did not exist. “pha?Gelatin capsule.