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[industrial scale protein purification]Original title▪-: China has not fulfilled the reduction of tax payment to the United States to shoot? The Ministry of Commerce responded on the 29th-■, and the Ministry of Commerce held a routine conference. The peak of spokesperson means that the US threats have high tariffs on Huaji, the cold war thinking, zero and consciousness is doing, dont take Chinese as an excuse. He emphasized that Chinas determination and confidence in China have not changed, and it is more determined•▽, and it will change its own direction due to external pressure. I hope that the US does not want to give alone▽☆, returning to the correct track of the cooperation between China and the United States○□◇…. (Speaking of the Ministry of Commerce, VCG) The following is the conference content: 1. Relevant information on the 2017-2018 China Department Store Retail Industry Development Report. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued “2017-2018 China Retail Development Repo.

On May 27th, Chen Maobo□•▽◁, Director of the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR Government, issued an article, todays Legislative Council adopted the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill”■•, and improve the electoral system and approach to the system, let -◇”patriotism The fundamental principles of Hong Kong have been implemented in a comprehensive implementation of the new electoral system that is more in line with the actual situation and development needs…▲=•, and allows all sectors to participate in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Milestones▪●•. In the past ten years, Hong Kongs political competition is constantly, and the cost of spending is increasingly serious▪★◁▷, which greatly hinders government administration efficiency…▼•. The violent impact in the second half of 2019, more serious harms Hong Kongs security and social stability▪◁. In recent yea.

Zhongxin Net Wuhan May 27th (Li Zongwu Liu Yanyu) Hubei Provincial Public Security Department held a news ventilation meeting on the 27th, and inform us that the provinces public security organs mute case investigation☆○●, and 10 major murder cases of wanted wanted in the escape◆-□▽. The picture shows Jingzhou Honghu Citys murder case suspect Zhang Zhiye Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau for the picture shows the murder case suspect in Wuhan City, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for the picture, is a criminal suspect in Shiyan City, the suspect, Dingbenjin, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department●■○=. The picture shows Wuhan Huangqi District murder case suspect Ye Chaugui Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for the picture shows Huangshi Daye Citys murder case suspect Wu Yongping Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for Tutu is a suspect in Fancheng District, Fuyang Cit?

Original title★…▷: Pray! Phuket Turban Accident China Tourists have died, over 30 people lost according to the latest data in the Songka Consulate General in Thailand, as of 6▪▲★•:00 local time, Thailand, Phuket Sea, Thailand•◆◁, Chinese tourists, 16 people Death, 30 people to 40 people were lost◁□, 5 people injured in tourists were injured in surgery◇▲▲, 6 people left hospital treatment observation. At the accident sea area■=△, the wave is about 5 meters local time at 17:45☆▪◇▷, and the two ships containing 127 Chinese tourists returned to Phuket, and suddenly overturned■…, and instantly tipped. Phuketfu Yin Norapa said that at the time of the accident◁□●=, the waves were up to 5 meters★★. Nolapa received an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter at noon on the Phuket Rescue Command Center at noon on the 6th, after recalculation–, there were 58 people before the beginning of the rescue operatio associate scientist i late stage protein development industry edible gelatin bloom 200 gelatin. bovine hide gelatin hydrolysate agglomerated!