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[protein stability industrial scale]Original title: China passengers who took the Nepalese passenger plane confirmed the victims◇○, and the three Heavy Industry Regional Manager took a passenger plane in Kathmandu in Nepal on March 12▲□. Xinhua News Agency Map March 12●□, a passenger plane containing 71 people fell out of the runway and triggered a fire, and the Nepalese police confirmed that at least 49 people were confirmed. Among the list of passengers▷=★, there is a three heavy workers Zhang Ming. Before the incident, they have confirmed the boarding (see “Xiaoxiang Morning News” on March 13th.). According to the press release issued in the evening of the 12th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Bangladesh, 22 people were rescued☆○, but there were no names of Zhang Ming. On the afternoon of March 13, the reporter learned from Sany Heavy Industry that Zhang Ming was unfortunately killed. Zhang Mings colleague Liu Zhong sent a post in a friend circ△◆-▷?

[Struggle 100-year road to settle new journey · Number romance•○: Yushu: Yong also dunes…●•, death also Dunes, the father and old life▪▼◆, the father and the old life, the lotus people still clearly remember the scene of Jiao Yulu buried the day: Shili Eight Village The folks, gathered in a sand dune in the northern suburbs of Lankao County, everyone wearing white flowers, eyes with tears, standing in the cold wind ..◁◆▲. More than 50 years▲=, the change of Lankao is turned over▲○. However, everything happened to Jiao Yulu secretary and the land will always engrave in peoples hearts. Jiao Yulu▲=•, August 16, 1922 was born in a poor family in Beishan Village■◁, Lushan Township, Boshan County○▽■, Zibo City, Shandong Province. During the date of ruling▽-▷▪, the life of Jiao Yulu is increasi.

San Francisco May 26th=•▲★, the Northern City•★…▼, California, Northern California, a shooting incident, causing at least 8 deaths and 1 injury, the gunman committed suicide in the case. According to the American Cable News Network, the San Clara-gun police in San Jose said at the press conference on the same day. At 6:30 local time, a shooting incident occurred in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley, San Jose. At least 8 people died, 1 person was injured. One male gunman killed at the scene★•▽▪. Gunners and victims are staff members of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Chairman of the San Clara Valley Transportation Administration, Glen Hendrick, said in the press conferen! is jello a pork product empty gelatin capsules 00 size Pure collagen.

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