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[collagen peptide bovine]Zhongxin Net Xuzhou May 28 (Zhu Zhigeng) According to Jiangsu Xuzhou fire rescue detachment, 6:20 on May 28 There were 8 cars damaged◇▷●•, 1 person was slightly injured☆■•◆, and the fire area was 30 square meters, and the house area was 150 square meters. The main leaders of the relevant departments of Xuzhou City conducted disposal at the on-site organization. Currently, the cause of the accident is under investigation. [Editor: Tian Boqu▽….

Original title▪◇▷: Syria has been in the United States and British and air strikes authorities to force the drama: We support overseas network on April 14th, local time on the 13th▽•□, United Kingdom in the United Kingdom★□◇▲, France launched the Syria. On the afternoon of the Taiwan Foreign Ministry◇□, Taiwan has always respected the defending human rights, □●▲…”strongly opposes and condemnient why the government hurts the innocent civilians in a large scale of chemical weapons◇■, and supports the international community to adopt the necessary sanctions-□▪.” According to Taiwan Dongssen news cloud news▼=★, the Taiwan foreign department claims that ■△□○”▪□-▷” always respects the defending human rights and pursues democratic ▽★=”, strongly opposing and condemning any governments to damage the innocent civilians in the main scale of chemical weapons, and also support the international community Necessary sanctions. •▽△” It is said that “the future is willing to provide the necessary assistance in humanitarian assistance, so that the local people return to the futu?

Original title■▷: What is the search for China-US Europe and other countries? Source: Wishing Wisdom For astronomers, dark matter is the same as stars, planets, are real-existing substances●•◆. Astronomers can draw dark matter distribution maps, regarding a galaxy as a dark matter cloud group that is influented by △●▼○”luminous” ordinary substance. Borrowing dark matter☆★△, scientists successfully explain how the cosmic structure is formed and evolved. However, after many years of search□◇★◆, people still have not directly detected dark matter◆=. People are shrouded in the cloud group of dark matter◆☆●, but what is the darkness of the universe•☆◆…. Not long ago○○□, Nobel Physics Awards, the American Chinese physicist Ding Yizhong speech in Shandong University△▲…, the discovery of the dark matter clu.