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Contacts![what type of organic molecule is gelatin]China New Network reported that the Russian satellite network reported that the local time is on the 27th of the Syrian Peoples Parliament, Saashi, announced that the current President Bahar Assad won 95▲○△.1% of the votes in the presidential election, successfully Asa was then grateful to the Syrian. Data Map●■: Syrian President Bahal Assad. Sabarg said: ▼•”Support candidate Bashar Assad has 13540◇▽□,860 tickets … He wins absolutely a lot of votes. 1810•-=▽,7109 people have voting rights, 14239140 people vote. Assad received 95□○▼●.1% votes•▪•.” After the announcement, Assad said, “Thank all the Syrian high-quality patrioti□○?

Wei Shuwang Zunyi Municipal Government Portal Data Chart Today (March 30), the second meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Peoples Congress of Guizhou Province passed◇•: Decided to avoid the Secretary-General of Wei Shiwangs Guizhou Provincial Peoples Government. Source: Motion▼○, Guizhou Editor◆△: Zhang Jian▪▪◁.

Original title-▪▽: The mainland collects Taiwan resident personal information through residence permit△■★▲? The National Term Office responded to Overseas Network September 12th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press conference on September 12 at 10:00 am■△□, and responded to the recent hotspot-•. Shenzhen Satellite TV reporter question: My problem is also the residence permit◇☆. The Taiwan authorities claim that the continent has passed the production of residence permits, collecting the personal information of Taiwan residents and fingerprint information. What is the response of the spokesman? An Fengshan said that the Taiwanese residents of the United States residents have a built-in chip, register fingerprints, mainly for the convenience of documents and prevent counterfeiting△○=. In the era of informationization, such practices are very common, and the ID card of mainland residents has such a request☆▲▼□. In doing so, on the one hand, it can effectively use the existing resident ID car-▷.

Original title: One of the three reviews: New era, the name of Xiongan said loudly [Editor Press] On April 1▽□○•, 2017, the central government announced the establishment of Xiongan New District, and todays Xiongan set up a whole year. Walking around the world, there is no country to be like this in China, in a way that is said□•, only the spiritual advancement of the reform process, and Xiongan is a window of Chinas reform. Today■□, the Peoples Network launched a well-known brand column: three reviews and Xiongan, please pay attention. Wei Wei, the world is eye-catching. “Subject to Beijing Non-Capital Function as Niu Nose to promote the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei▪…, high starting plan, high standard construction Xiongan new district. In the 19th report, General Secretary Xi Jinping used two◇-◁◆” high ▼…=”for Xiongan■▼●•. “The City of Future” indicates the direction of construction. Over the past, this “futu.

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