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[is collagen halal]Original title▷◁: Wang Yi responded to the situation of the Korean Peninsula: “Double Pause” is a good part of the childs disease, Journalists, China◁▼, March 8, China Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in the national two seven sessions of the Peninsula●•▽, The double suspended dual suspension is a good party for the following medicine•▷▼, and creates the most basic conditions for the north-south improvement relationship. Reuters reporters said that China has always attached great importance to the direct negotiations of the United States. What role can China play in this regard? In order to realize the long-term semi-releseet, whether China believes that the US should evacuate the US military in Korea? Wang Yi said that this is a topic that is the most concerned about the international community. We see the opportunity of the Korean to seize the Winter Olympics▲☆. .

Original title: Let Cui Yongyuan hit the “mobile phone” that Fan Bingbi Feng Xiaogang Liu Zhenyun did not put it. What kind of movie is it? More than ten days ago, Feng Xiaogang announced that the movie “Mobile 2•…◁●” was announced in Weibo=▽◁, and the first part of the first part of the horse, and also put a comparison of the fifteen years and now. Several primary creation should check. This is completely irritated▽★-▷. First, the chat history of him and Liu Zhenyun□▲▼▷, the content is to prevent “mobile phone 2” from shooting★■, Liu Zhenmian returns. Next◆□, he saw Fan Bingbing to receive the “National Spirit Creative Award”, which issued an ironic voice. Turning out the screenshots of Xu Fan and Liu Zhenyun to accept interviews◇▲▷, the main goal is still ridiculed their husband and old…•■▷. .

Xinhua News Agency▽■, March 19 (Reporter Hu Wei) Reporter learned from China Aerospace Technology Group Co◆◇▼., Ltd. in the evening of the 19th that my country will implement the first flight task of the Rockets of Long March 5th before and after June 2019. Long March 5 B carrier is grasped by the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, based on Long March 5 technology, specifically used to implement the launch task of the manned space station○…▽•, and transfer to the sample stage in the near future★▲△. The third step of my countrys Manned Space Project is the spatial station project. This year is the key year of the third step. It is a long-term No. 5 B carrying rocket developed by the space station task. Hand in casing and hatching▽●●, related large terrestrial joint tests are gradually launched. According to reports☆□•, the Long March 5 B carrier rocket is my country is currently being developed▽△, near-territo-□☆.

The Member of Ma Xizhen accepts the interview with the reporter of the Peoples Network. Peoples Network reporter Wang Zhencheng title: Ma Xiizhen▷▲▷, member: If you want to solve the peoples visit to the doctors medical treatment, the Peoples Network Beijing March 5 (Reporter Wang Zhen) Opening a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang made a ▲▲”government work report”. “I think it is to reform, all the problems are relying on reform.■=” Talking about the “Government Work Report○▷”▲=▽, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the vice chairman of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Political Consultative Conference said that if you use a word, it is – reform Including the reform of the government, the reform of the economy, the ecological environment, social undertakings, this reform should be a comprehensive. If you want to say a keyword■▷, that is▽•, it is implemented○☆, no matter how much move▼◇, how big blueprint▪=, more beautif.

China News Service March 28 (Reporter Guan Dong) Local Time 27th▪△▲, at the beginning of the ▼△▪”Farmer and Fishermen△□▲=” launching ceremony of the Philippines, Zhang Zhaodong, China Hybrid Water Branch, was awarded the highest honor award of the Philippines Agriculture. William Dar William Dar wrote on the honorary medal, Zhang Zhaodong is a pioneer of Philippines hybrid rice technology development, production and commercialization of the commercial and friendly Great ties and the epitome of historical friendship. The picture shows the William Dar (Left I)△■, awarded the honorary medal (Left I), awarded awarded meda.Contacts define gelatin collagen water,