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[pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides hydrolysate powder grass fed bovine peptide]Original title: Chinese people from Tokyo Street stamped Japan security, Japanese netizens responded to fierce first to see paragraph video. It is estimated that some people have seen it, then they may wish to appreciate it•-. Is it very hot? This is not a new version of the old and dyed, a few Chinese▼▪▪□, playing Japan security security in Tokyo. The site of racing to others play Japanese◆…○◇, but their behavior has been rarely criticized by domestic netizens, and they feel that they are shameful=-. This all-in-law is even more fried in Japanese public opinion▪▲. Foreigners have happening in Japanese crime news☆•▷▪, but generally only such a large news such as murder will be received by the mainstream media in Japan. Such an almost all of the Japanese mainstream media, which is suspected of intentional injury◇▲△•, is a report◆…◇, which is quite rar.

China Xinwang▪◇▲-, May 28 (Li Wei Han Hong) to better practice brand strong country strategy…▽□●, promote the construction of agricultural products in Liaoshan, so that more people enjoy safe…▪▪, nutrition, healthy agricultural and sideline products, May 28, Shenyang City Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd•▽□=. joint social power invited the lakeside coach Yang Ming as a △▷■”supply and marketing benefit of the farmers▪■□▷” in Shenyang supply and marketing system■▲-•. It is understood that the event is the aim of Shenyang City Supply and Marketing Cooperatives with …◁▷”Agricultural, Strong Farmers, surname farmers” as a purpose, practicing rural resolution, brand strong country strategy, promoting a beneficial attempt to build quality agricultural products in Liaoshan District. Hiring Yang Ming as ■••”Ambassador Supply and Marketing Hua Nong–=”, it is hoping to pass on the spokesperso.

China New Network May 27 (Chen Jing Wang Guang Zhao Zhao Yue) “In the past cognitive◇…▽, senior smokers were considered easier to get lung cancer▪☆…-. But more and more data show that in the Chinese people, do not smoke The incidence of female lung cancer has increased significantly●▷. △●●”Professor Chen Haiquan○□, director of the Thoracic Surgery of Cancer Hospital■=◇, Fudan University, Professor Chen Haiquan◆▼■, the chief expert Chen Haiquan, a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment team of the chest tumor○★, accepts reporters in an interview. It is understood that many early lung cancer found in the physical examination, in the image inspection report as “grinding glass nodules-△☆”■◁. Surgery is the main means of treating grinding glass nodule lung cancer, when is the ▼-“best intervention timing•▲□△”? Chen Haiquan believes that dont rush to surgery, sufferi.