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[application of crude protein analysis in food industry]Original title: Some industries or corporate tax burdens after the camp reform this year, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference★▪, Vice Chairman of Guangdong University of Industry and Commerce It will be submitted to “further reducing the enterprise tax burden after the increase in the reform•◇.” Yan Meiqing believes that my countrys “reform” policy has been fully implemented. Due to the improved value-added tax chain and established a more complete consumer value-added tax system, most industries benefit from the increase of re-taxation. However▽●◇☆, while camp is changed, there are still some industries or corporate tax burdens△•◆•. Yan Meiqings view, the main reason for the increase in tax retarding is that the taxpayers tax rate is increased but the income tax is insufficient, and the deductible is not complete. To this end, she suggested■•○: First◁▼, improve the V?

Original title: China has signed the first “Belt” cooperation document ☆▽△”Office” Office “Public No. (XWS4_FMPRC) message in Tonglei Region, China◇▲, on May 16▷▷■, said that there is a reporter asked: Yesterday Tong Trinidad and Tobago signed the “Memorandum of Understanding of the Construction of Silk Road Economic Belt and the Construction of Sea Silk Road in the 21st Century”. Is this not the first “all way▲=□●” cooperation document signed by China with the Krabi regional country•▪-▷? Lu Hong▷•☆: You are right. China and Trinidad and Tobago governments have signed a total of “One Belt=□” cooperation documents yesterday, which is the first intergovernmental joint “, all the way” cooperation documents signed by China and Caribbean countries. China is willing to initiate …▪□”all the way” to initiative to develop strate!

Original title-=◇: [Announcement] March 7th, Minister of Agriculture, Minister…-, Minister of Agriculture, will attend the 13th National Peoples Congress, one meeting news center, will be multi-function in the center of Meiya (Wednesday) at 10:30 am. The department held a press conference, inviting Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu, Ministry of Agriculture, Pan Xianzheng□△, director of the General Office, answered questions about China and foreign journalists on the ▲△▽”Implementing Rural Revitalization Strategy). All Chinese and foreign reporters who welcome interview meetings participate. The 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center March 6, 2018 Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▷□=•: Chu Xiaoh fish collagen peptide powder gelatin made from bones can protein be made in a industrial proces fish collagen peptide msds!Contacts.