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Pure collagen![pectin mixer]Original title: This influence report, finally letting a official micro-issued article On July 23, the Internet drama “Route” female director Lin Shuzhen said that he was suspected to be invasive by Haihang Airlines▲●. On the 24th, the official microblogging of Haikou City Public Security Bureau, Haikou City, Haikou City□=, China. At present, criminal suspects have been criminally detained by the police in a white (male-▼, 27 years old•☆◇◁, Hebei◁□, HNA). Last night (July 23) 10 oclock, the famous screenwriter Song Fangjin forwarded the “Route” director Lin Shuzhen in his Weibo, and broke the newspaper that Haihangs white surname is intended to be invasive in the hotel. On July 23, the “Route” female director Lin Shuzhen…■◇, said that he is suspected of being hitting Haihang plan gelatine candy!

[News industrial protein purification techniques! Xiamen University released the latest treatment: Give Tian Jia Liangzhi to see the party, staying at the school) @ @ Xiamen University Environment and Ecology School 23rd at 23 oclock on the official website “Notification on Tian Jia Liang Classmates”, notified, April 19th to 20th, our hospital is studying the postgraduate Tian Jialiang “The net name published the error speech on Sina Weibo○☆, which has a very bad social impact. After the college party committee and the party and government joint meeting▪□, the school agreed to give the residual party to see the disposal of the school▪▲◆▽. Other problems of the birth of the birth, according to the further investigation and verification. We will use this as a ring◁•◆, deeply reflect, comprehensively strengthen studen•▼○.

Xinhua News Agency=◇, Hong Kong, May 26 (Reporter Ding Yu) Hong Kong Cruise Tourism has been suspended for more than 15 months since February 2020, in order to promote cruise tourism recovery…•, the Hong Kong SAR Government announced on the 26th that it is expected to be re-established at the end of July. For Hong Kong residents participate, they do not stop the cruise “public sea tour” outside the port outside Hong Kong○▷▷◆. •★☆”As the Hong Kong epidemics began to stabilize in February this year, the citizen●○, the cruise industry and the tourism industry have a great expectation of cruise tourism.△△■” Guo Tenghua, director of the Hong Kong SAR Government and Economic Development Bureau◁=◆■, said on the day of the rigorous Sanitary epidemic prevention measures to re-regulate the “public sea tour-▲”-▲, which can be taken between public health and meet the needs of citizens casual touri.

Original title☆-: New Secretary▼△, Beijing 4th District○▲, the secretary of the Secretary of the Bureau, the birth of the new district party secretary of the 4 districts of Chaoyang District, Shijingshan District, Shijitou District, Shunyi District. Specifically: the secretary of the Changwang District Committee of Chaoyang District, the deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Shi Ji Shan District Party Committee☆=●, Tongzhou District, Chang Zhangli, Ren Menggou District Party Secretary, Shunyi District General Gong Peng You District Party Secretary◆☆▽. Previously☆…, Beijing has three district commissioners secretary●◇△■, and the second district party secretary is even▼▪•. In January of this year■•▪=, Wu Guiying, secretary of the Chaoyang District Committee, Xu Guying△==★, deputy governor▪-, is among the depth of Hunan•◆; Shi Jingshan District Party Secretary Niu Qingshan is elected Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal CPPCC■…△, Changping District Party Secretary Hou Junshu is elected as the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Director, the two parties and the secretary of the District Party Committee•△. In March, Shunyi District Party Secreta gelatin in japanese gelatine capsules transparent!