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[protein powder industry analysis]Original title▪◆•: Violation of business card cases Alarm the highest inspection business card is held by public officials, mainly for credit cards for daily official spending and financial reimbursement business. However, some banks in Weinan did not handle in accordance with the regulations, eventually brought huge losses to the state. Sun Junzhong has always believed that he was opened by units, and he and Changan Bank Co.=○…, Ltd-▲▽▼. Weinan Branch (hereinafter referred to as Changan Bank Weinan Branch) have been fighting the lawsuit, hoping that the court can revoke the original unit to his expenditure•☆. Previously, Changan Bank Weinan Branch believes that Sun Junzhong did not properly fulfill the duties of bank staff and caused economic losses of 17.7 million yuan to banks, so they will be opened★=■☆. Sun Junzhong believes that his duties are the lowest●★, and the responsibility assumed should also be the mos.

Original title: Prevention of “Due to the disease to poor” for poor people free medical examination book special reporter Li Xiuwei National Peoples Congress◆○▽◁, Wang Jiangbin○☆, Digestology, Digestology, Sino-Japanese Association, Jilin University: Realization of the goal of building a well-off society, winning the poverty battle, It is necessary to pay attention to solving the problem of •▷=”seeking disease” and “anti-big disease”, preventing “due to illness”, “due to illness”. Wang Jiangbin believes that a free medical examination for rural poor is helpful in promoting the development of a healthy poverty alleviation guarantee system into a benign loop. Wang Jiangbin suggested that by stipulating the mishanding of the poverty○□, misunderstandings▼▲◁, etc○○◇., can effectively implement the disease status of the poor, in the case of people, and implement the safeguards. Free health checkup of poor people can be arranged in countie.

Original title: 5G huge waves hit◁▷-, is the opportunity to mature●□=◆? The 5G wave is impacted in the telecommunications industry and peoples lives at the expected speed★●. At this years MWC World Mobile Communications Conference○◁□●, 5G is unquestionable star□•▼. Huawei, ZTE△■◇, Gao Tong, Intel and other industry giants have shown 5G “muscles”, released a speech, and showcase products. On the one hand△▷, 5G products and services have changed human life◁●☆, forming a non-blocking technology wave; and on the other hand=□▽, there are also speaking opinions to 5G commercial use. Is 5G commercialization really mature? Many 5G applications have been found for 5G related technologies and standards, and the industry has been studied for many years•▽. However, in 2018, 5G came out of the laboratory and exhibitions, widely and application scenario?