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[collagen used in product from candy to cosmetic]Zhongxin Net Xining May 27 (增) “I am attending this police technical tactical display activity, really very shocking▲◁▽…, every subject is very handsome, in the future◇=▷■, I want to be a person like them, serious training, Practice all kinds of skills and protect everyone. △■”26th, the third middle school high school in Xining City said Yu Jing. On the 26th, the Qinghai Police Vocational College ◁□○△”Welcomes the 100th Anniversary Police Technique Tactics” and the Ninth Track and Field Games “in the Qinghai Police Officer College, thousands of corners of the school around the enemys boxing, pouring and enemy technology, gun exercise Tactics▪□◇, pistol shooting subjects●■▷, force assault subjects, and seven subjects such as police drone precision strikes have conducted a centralized display▼…★. Photo shows Qinghai police office.

China News Agency□▽☆, Hong Kong, May 26 (Reporter Shi Bing) Xiaomi Group announced this years first sector performance, total income and adjusted net profit were a record high in the quarter. Three months ended March 31, the total revenue was 76.9 billion yuan (renminbi, the same)★☆, an annual increase of 54.7%, adjusted net profit of 6069 million yuan▪▼■◆, an annual increase of 163.8%▲△▽, and the market is expected. Xiaomi said that its ▲□…”mobile phone × AIOT (Artificial Intelligence and IoT) core strategy has achieved remarkable results▽…▲-. In the first quarter of this year, the global smartphone shipments increased by 69□□.2% year-on-year, reaching 49=◆◆•.4 million units, ranked third in the world, with a market share of 14.1%, mobile pho.

Original title: Chinas double aircraft carrier team wants to go out of Russia experts: “Aircraft Carrier” name: Photo☆△▪■: Liaoning ship flying deck officers and soldiers are tense and orderly guaranteed carrier flight. Xinhua News Agency Reference News Network April 27 reported that the Russian Satellite News Agency website on April 25th is “two aircraft carrier let China become a veritable” aircraft carrier “”, the author is a Russian military expert Vasili Card app. The article is extracted as follows: According to the Chinese media report, China 001a new aircraft carrier is about to begin the first sea trial. As Chinese and foreign experts believe, this aircraft carrier will serve next year. The Russian military expert Nii Kashen pointed out in this article written by the satellite news agency, the 001A model is similar to the highness of Liaoning ship to make people guess, it will not encounter too mu.Gelatin capsule.