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[gelatin china]The 19th National Report emphasizes: ensuring national food security, and the Chinese peoples rice bowls are in their hands. How do I treat the current food security situation in my country? How to advance in the development of food circulation reform, providing strong support for building a new era of food security system? How to adapt to the main contradiction between society△△◆, meet the new needs of the promotion of grain and oil consumption in the people? The reporter has recently interviewed the Director of the National Grain and Material Reserve Bureau. Reporter: Socialism with Chinese characteristics enter the new era, how to look at the current food security situation? Zhang Waute◁◇=: The people take food for the sky, and they eat. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country But as a big country of more than 1.3 billion, when is food security?

Original title•=□: Yang Guowei•▪▲, the high-speed rail designer○…●, responded to “Why not sell instant noodles on the high-speed rail” in 1909, “Jing Zhang Railway☆▽▽•” designed by “The Father of China” is built, there is no foreigner▪△▷, from design to construction, one In 2018, it was a “China Creation”, which was poured by the Chinese sweat▪=★=. In recent, nearly 110 years■◆, Chinas high-speed rail has exceeded 25,000 kilometers, more than 3-◆●◁,000 high-speed trains across the land of 9.6 million square kilometers◆=. Throughout the large city of more than 500-▽☆▷,000 people in China▼•-. It is not afraid of the cold in northeast…◇…, walking through the northwestern yellow sand; across the Shenzhou••▼…, help the world…•▪◇. Although the Chinese high-speed rail has been established in the center of the world, the question under the stage is still echo: technology original? COPY foreign? Safety quality◁◇▼? la○■!

China New Network May 27th According to foreign media reports•★◇, local time on the morning of the morning★■=◇, a large-scale shooting incident occurred in San Jose, Northern California, USA. As a patient died in the hospital=◇★, the incident had caused at least 9 people to die, and another male gunman killed in the scene-•▪●. On May 26th local time, a shooting incident occurred in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Traffic Management Bureau, California=○, USA■•. The picture shows the police officer near the case○▷◇•. China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguans San Clara, San Clara, said on the evening of the 26th▷▪, 49-year-old Fried▪▪○•, Fried, was seriously injured because of the injury-▪•, and finally died on the evening of the 26th★-, so that the g. whitening collagen powder high protein vegan protein bar industry Gelatin capsule.

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