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best fish collagen peptide powder – industrialroteinurification.[industrial animal protein waste rendering plant]Original title: Capital Airport T2 Terminal •…△”Brush Face◆●◇” can quickly pass the security of the Capital Airport in the country to achieve “face recognition▪▼” security inspection, currently trial in T2 terminal, the new security system will significantly reduce passengers through security check channel time. The reporter learned from the Capital Airport that after more than two years of research and development, the Capital Airport took the lead in launching the “Smart Passenger Security System◆•▼” in the country. Recently, the reporter saw the No. 2 security passage of the domestic departure of the Capital Airport T2 terminal. The new laid intelligent security system has been opened in some security check channels, and some staff guides the passengers before the brush machine. It is understood that the intelligent security system was first enabled at the airport T2 terminal on March 19. Beijing News reporter Guo Chao completed safety identification and disposal reporters within 1 minute, seeing the link★☆, passenge.

Original title: Lu Caixia: Regulating resource utilization behavior to enhance resource utilization efficiency today (March 12), the 12th National Peoples Congress, deputy director Wang Shengming, deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee, Wu Yudu, Texture Committee Director Wu Heng-▲□, Lu Caicixia, a member of the Environmental Committee, and Wang Chaoying◇★…, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, and deputy director Xuan Society, answered questions about China and foreign reporters on the issue of ☆-“Peoples Congress Legislation”. Beijing Youth Daily reporter, in recent years▪◇☆▲, the national consecutive cases have happened…•★, for example▪☆, the garbage of the country is shocked throughout the country. Cross-provincial dump and stealing garbage phenomenon, these more and more phenomena reflects the reality of the garbage surrounding city, do not know if the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress does not pay attention to this phenomenon, how will the future will work? Lu C.

China New Network Changzhi May 28th: ​​The local writer has written more than 30 years of farmers: Good works must deeply enter the people of the people. Yang Jing Zhang Yue ▷-★☆”Good work is to go deep into the countryside-☆★, deep into the people▲•…, to write the villagers love Drama. On the 28th, Sun Chunjin▪☆●, 60-year-old, 60-year-old, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, showed the journalist to the drama works created in 32 years. -○●”Hope hometown, eye-catching. The face is still awkward○◁◆, his heart is blood=-, people are bleeding.” “On the hometown, township. Sigh, think more▷★▼…!★■◇☆” In Changzi County, the people are easy to understand, close to life There is a unique closure, but the unique charm is a native writer who writes a farmers household writer Sun Chunji fish gelatin benefits industrial foregoing protein protein refolding for industrial processes beauty drink skin whitening collagen!