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[gel strength units]China News Agency, May 28th: ​​Baiyangdians last geese team veterans: ▼▪▼”Still”, “The future of the city” China News News Corporation Cui Tao “I am the last player of the geese team. I hope to see the Xiongan New District built after the birth year. “Sitting in the home of the Zhannan Village-○◆▲, Anxin County-■•▼, Xiongan New District…○, Hebei Province, and the 95-year-old original geese team member Lu Changlu interviewed interviews, His wish. In the period of war in the anti-Japanese War, in the Yushu Xiongan New District, the Hebei Xiongan New District, there was a water guerrilla called “stunding the soldiers”▲▽. From 1939 to 1945, cooperated with the main force liberation Anxin County, Yan.

Original title★◆: ▲▲…◇”Textbook Law Enforcement” can be praised, Chinas Internet has changed the Chinese network ecology to change towards a welcome direction. Recently, Shanghai police met when checking an unlicensed car. During the law enforcement process=▪, the police were orally summoned◇▷□◁, three consecutive warnings, no peers before the action … A series of operations praised ○☆”Teacher Book Law” by netizens. Think about it is likely to be another scene in the previous situation◇=, I have to sigh■◆▼■, and Chinas network ecology is moving towards a welcome direction. It has always been, and the problems of network society and network ecology have always been in time, they are not plaguing peoples lives. Some people clearly not under the law enforcement, fault in themselves●■-, but maliciously produced short video of “police playing◆▽…”, filthy police violent law enforcement, shouting poli.

Source: China Transportation News This Internet News April 15th▷◇…, Searching is officially released in Beijing◆▼, this meeting aims to create a cold-chain zero-scale industry alliance through preaching search and cold network innovation model, and discuss national cold The development trend of chain flow mutual benefit and win-win▼△. It is understood that the search-in refinement is based on “exchange” as the core▽▼◆▪, and the professional cold chain logistics Internet platform is built to create a single resource-shared Internet platform for the national medium and small cold chain enterprises to promote the standardization and systemization of the cold chain industry logistics. At the meeting=□○•, the founder of search and cold network Liu Yuze shared a cognition and idea for the cold chain logistics industry◁★▼. …○□▼”Compared with 99% of cold chain transportation in developed countries, there are only 15% of my country. And there is no professional company specializing in cold chain bales in China.…▽◆” Liu Yuze said that in the current new retail conce.About Us pure collagen size 5 gelatin capsules,