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[beef collagen]Original title: Further expand import is a major initiative ★☆☆□”Peoples Daily◇○★” on the new era ○▷”Peoples Daily=△◁■” (May 26▼◆△◁, 2018) my country is the worlds second largest goods trade importing country•□, the second largest service trade importing country, goods and services The annual import value accounts for about 1/10 around the world, and imports have become an integral part of the national economy. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China□•□, Comrade Xi Jinping has focused on the international and domestic development overall situation, and unswervingly promoted higher levels of opening up, clearly proposing “active initiative to expand import”, and broadly relaxed market access▼●○, Reduce import tariffs, increase the import of featured products, and hold a series of pragmatic initiatives such as the first China International Import Expo to release China to expand the active signal of imported imports. Chinese character socie.

The picture shows Ulan, Iono.璐 摄 (New Era · Happy Beautiful New Frontier) Ulan Mushe Ride Remembering the past△▼-◁: Only one audiences special performance in the new network Xilin Gol July 21, the question•□◇◇: Ulaan animal husbandry recalls the past: only one The audiences special performance of the author□△-▽, the autonomous region of the 19th, in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xilin Gol League Sunter, the right flag, Wulan, the performance team-▼◇, the herdsmen, the victory of Tili Root Sumu◁●◁, Silin, will bring congestion performance. The grassland is a stage, the blue sky is the curtain▷△, the audio equipment is in place▼▪•, dance, singing, folk music ensemble and other programs debut△■☆•. The picture shows the dance performance▽△……. When the performance of the performance of the performance, the wind and rain did not affect the performance of the actors and the quality of the programs○◇○, and the viewers of the herdsmens audience were warm and not reduce.

Original title: German Prime Minister Merkel will visit the 11th visit to China “Foreign Ministry Spokesperson” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) message, on May 18☆▷, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the deputy spokesperson Luo announced: Prime Minister Li Keqiang▼☆▷, Prime Minister of the State Council•▽=◇, invited the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angla, Merkel○•-▷, will formally access China from May 24th to 25th. Some reporters asked: You have just announced the news of German Prime Minister Merkel to visit China. Is this a few visitors in Merkel? What questions will both discuss☆☆? Lu Yong□==: This is the first visit to China after Merkel, who was serited German Prime Minister. It is also the 11th visit to China since the prime minister. During the visit••▪, the Chairman of Xi Jinping and the Prime Minister Li Keqiang and other Chinese leaders will meet with the Prime Minister of Merke.

Original title: US media: China uses laser weapons in the Pacific Ocean to use laser weapon in May, “laser weapon attack incident”, on the 20th, and American media reports★••, China ▽★▽★”Laser attack” for the US military Diffuse from Africa to the Pacific Ocean=•-◆. The US “Volkswagen Machinery” magazine reported that, like “laser attack” in Djibouti this year, the US military personnel in the East China Sea region have also attacked by blind laser weapons. The magazine said that this type of non-killing laser weapon is made from China. “Volkswagen Machinery” said that more than 20 similar attacks have occurred in the East China East China Sea. The report also quoted “Aviation Week” and ◁○-“Space Technology”◇•▪, as the attack increases, the type of laser weapon also h!

Original title: Hainan notified “Zhu Changzhi 7 deaths and 4 injuries traffic accidents”: 27 responsible people and 2 responsible units were dealt with New Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) September 24, 2017, Hainan National Road 224 line 110 km There is a medium-sized self-transfer truck collision with large passengers, causing 7 people to die▷▽■. Today (March 9)□▪, the accident investigation group informed the cause of the accident and the results of the treatment of 27 related responsible persons and 2 accident responsible units, including 6 judicial organs of the crime of major responsibility accidents, 13 party disciplines, 13 people, Qiongzhong County, Tunhang County is responsible for the treatment of super, and 5 counties leaders who are charged with transportation are accountable=…□. Today, the official website of Hainan Province Traffic Police Team was reported that September 24, 2017, Wang Xingjin driving Jiangxi Provincial Yuchen Steam Co▷★◆▷.★■, Lt gelatine leaf liquid collagen Gelatin wholesale what is kosher gelatin made of projections protein bar industry,!