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[recombinant protein for industrial use]Xinhua News Agency Macau March 18 (Reporter Hu Yao) The 12th Asian Film Award was issued in Macau on the evening of the 17th☆…, a total of 17 awards. The film “Fanghua◆…■■” won the best movie, actor Gu Tianle and Zhang Ai Jia won the best male and heroine. At the award ceremony of the evening, Zhang Aijia won the best heroine with the film “Love”▪▼•, and she also received a lifetime achievement award. Gu Tianle won the best male protagonist with a film “Killing Wolf,”, and the film also received the best action movie. Japans director Shi Yiyu also won the best director with the “Tokyo Night Sky□◁”. The best screenwriter is governed by the Indian film “Stubborn Newton□▼◁” screenwriter Amit Maluka and Ma Yak Tewari. Zhang Yuxi got the best female supporting role with film “Demon Cat”, which also received the mo◁…★▼.

Zhongxin Net Xining May 27 (增) “I am attending this police technical tactical display activity, really very shocking•○●▷, every subject is very handsome, in the future…▷▪▽, I want to be a person like them, serious training, Practice all kinds of skills and protect everyone. “26th, the third middle school high school in Xining City said Yu Jing. On the 26th●◁△, the Qinghai Police Vocational College “Welcomes the 100th Anniversary Police Technique Tactics” and the Ninth Track and Field Games “in the Qinghai Police Officer College, thousands of corners of the school around the enemys boxing, pouring and enemy technology☆•★▼, gun exercise Tactics◇■◁○, pistol shooting subjects, force assault subjects, and seven subjects such as police drone precision strikes have conducted a centralized display. Photo shows Qinghai police office.

China New Network May 28, the US “World Daily○◇…▽” reported that a 75-year-old Chinese woman was attacked by a young man near No•■=. 57 Avenue, New York, New York, 26. Broken, sent to Amhu House for treatment, the situation has been stable. The police said that this case is currently related to whether the case is related to hatred Asian crime▷◁, but the hatred crime group has been involved in the investigation. According to the police news, a 75-year-old Chinese elder woman was at 2:40 in the morning of the 26th, and the 97th Avenue★◆●, Queen Cokea 57 Avenue, was attacked by a strange man. The victims nose was interrupted by the other party. , Being sent to Amhu House Hospital for treatmen◆-=▽.

Original title: China Mobile▽▪: China Mobile has downgraded mobile tariffs in the Performance Conference■■▲◆, which will reduce mobile tariffs more than 30%▽•, and actively strive to expand the international market, including some operators in the United States maintained a good cooperative relationship▽▷★★. (A fortune) Editor: Zhang Yili?Gelatin capsule!

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