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[native path collegen]Original title▷▪: (Social) Japanese friendly group people have been reinferter in Nanjing, Nanjing●●, Ningzhu•☆■■, China, January 1, in the past 33, in the past 33 years, January 1st (Reporter Jiang Fang) repair trees in the Pacific Golden Grass Garden▲…★●, visiting the historical display hall, accepting oral history interviews .•-◁.. On the eve of the Qingming, Japan mourned the Nanjing Massacre Director, the Director of the Chinese Group, the Director of the Office▲◁-, came to the invasion of the Japanese Nanjing Massacre. Memorial Memorial◁■◆. According to statistics, the planted treasures visited the Chinese group in 33 context of more than 60◇•,000 plants. Japan mourning the Nanjing Massacre of the victims to visit the Huquhips to the Japanese and the Japanese and friendly events organized by the Japanese Association. Since 1986△▷◆▲, the annual organization of the group came to Nanjing, a total of more than 60=…,000 trees in the memorial hall, Pearl Spring Park, etc.-◆…, leaving “green redemption”, never intermitten.

Original title: Play two pounds white strips designated restaurant official banquet, please eat “Overlord meal”? Source-=▲: Legal Evening News (Reporter Wang Qi) Yesterday, the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission revealed that the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission attaches great importance to the media to reflect the Datong Town Government of Pengshui County Eating and drinking the restaurant white strip =▲◆△”incident, organized the investigation○★=, will find the facts as soon as possible▷▪…, and deal with it according to law-◇■…. Previously, there was media exposure▷▪★. The government cadres of Datong Town▷◇★, Pengshui County, Chongqing, had a drink▲◆, entertaining, leaving two 2 pounds from 2016, leaving two 2 pounds of about 140,000 white strips unrepaid. The white strip has two pounds of the wild and turned into ordinary vegetables. Since 2016, some officials in Datong Town, Chongqing○●▷-, have long been a local name for a long tim=▪▲!

Original title: How to clean up ●◁”Zombie Enterprise”? This “tool” is critical → In 2018, the government work report□■◁○, ○▷”insisted on the use of marketization, the rule of law, the resolution of the rule of law▽▲, increase the zombie enterprise bankruptcy clearing and reforming” and then mentioned○▽◇□. Previously, although the bankruptcy trial system of China has been more than 30 years, it has been slow•–◆, and there are not many cases. What is the reason●▲? As a cutting of “zombie enterprises”◁△, can the bankruptcy trial effectively play•☆? “China Economic Lecture Hall” invited heavyweight guest Du Wanhua, to analyze the =▲☆◇”zombie business”, how to ★…●”break”? Du Wanhua○■▪, the deputy director of the Supreme Peoples Court Advisory Committee, the President of the Supreme Peoples Court Civil Code Compilation Research Group, Vice President of the Chinese Judge Association. He has long been engaged in l•=▪.

11 years ago, I have experienced an Eucalyptus earthquake◆•▷▷. Now they become firefighters to resolve Mados earthquake-stricken areas. Author: He Qiannan May 22nd in the morning△☆▽, Qinghai City, Jinhua Road, Qinghai Province, suddenly pulled the alarm, Ren Zengojie and him The comrades wore rescue clothes in the first time and entered the …•”war=☆” state. When I heard the news of Mados 7•◁☆▪.4-magnitude earthquake◆=□, his heart was hit, and people also stood. The reporter rushed to the nearest fire station at 2:10 in the morning of the 22nd, the firefighters have been assembled downstairs••◁★. They are waiting for Yan Zengji at 7=…=:49 on April 14▽▷○, 2010. Yushu has a strong earthquake, and the benevolence goes to go to school. Increased Dharma, I saw my grandmother from .

Original title: 63 farmers borrowing ID cards to buy agricultural machinery, have a group in WeChat, who is criminal, was named “Correction of Xianrenzhuang Community”, no matter what is busy◆▼▽…, as long as there is news, Nikamu will put down his hand□△★. Active “second back”. WeChat group was established by Judicial Institute of Xianren Zhuang Township☆▽•, Kaifeng District, Henan Province, 27 group members, are probative in immortal Zhuang Township△◆▽, parole▼◆▼●. Niu Jiaoliang said, 26 of them were sentenced to the same crime – defrauding the national agricultural machine purchase subsidy◁▪. From March and Augustu, 2017, the Kaifeng City Gao Tower Police handed 63 people in the form of agricultural machinery distributors, and the three people who borrowed ID cards, helping three people to declare national agricultural machine purchase subsidies. Farmers arrested. September 2017 to February 2018, 63 peop protein bar industry stats protein engineering applications of industrially exploitable enzymes•○-▲!About Us 50 lb gelatin enteric coated capsule,