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[how much is the protein supplement industry worth]Original title: 86-year-old political scholar Hoover died■□▪☆, once said that Taiwanese denying China is “德” Hoover disease△●, enjoyment 86•▲, ◆…”Central Committee”••…, “Vice President▼◁▼” Huang Jinxing in Taiwan Previously, due to the injured of the brain injured in the hospital Hoover★●★-, I have been dying at the Taiwan University Hospital on the evening of the 10th and 86 years old□☆=△. Huang Jinxing said in an interview with “Central Agency”, Hhu Buddha died in Taiwan Hospital tonight, and the newspaper courts deeply mourned and unspeakable, will try to help deal with future things. Taiwans political scholar Hoover is now •▲◁”Academician, China Research Institute”▼▼, the Honorary Professor of the Political Science in the Taiwan University, and his research expertise is a constitutional study•☆, political culture, election▲•◁, political participation-▪, political changes★△○☆, and Yang Guo, Zhang Zhongdong, Li Hong, etc. Free se▷-▲•?

[New thinking leads new journey · Red footprint] with the piano, the piano is the industry□◁▽, the love is so romantic to the new network Kaifeng May 27th, the question is, the piano▲•▽, the piano, the love is like this Romantic Zhongxin Net reporter Han Zhang Yun Tian Yuxi Li Guigang Li Chaoyang Chunchuan▪◁○◁, Xufang Village◁●, Xuyang Town●☆, Lankao County, Henan Province, has been surrounded by the new green of the bubble germination, and the large-scale planting of the village has been planted in a row◆◁-●, Lin Fair leaf Luson like a green ocean. Lankao Pubuchung, due to Jiao Yulu, secretary of the Lankao County Committee of the 1960s=▲…, led the peoples war sand. Decadentated, the Huatong Tuli in the sand of the Yellow River. The picture shows Xu Yapo and Wei Chen X.

Xinhua News Agency■★◇, Beijing, May 28, Prime Minister Li Keqiang▼-△■, who launched the activities to China-ASEAN Sustainable Development=●■▼, on May 28▷…▷. Li Keqiang said that advancing sustainable development is the fundamental policy of solving many global problems◆▲…▼. Last year◇▲△, I jointly announced the year of the ASEAN national leader to China-ASEAN Sustainable Development Cooperation, which is to enhance both parties to cooperate with climate change▲○, poverty reduction, etc., and to achieve sustainable Development creates multifaceted favorable conditions. Li Keqiang pointed out that this year also coincides with the 30th anniversary of China-ASEAN establish a dialogue relationship, both parties and cooperation have achieved great development. China has always regarded ASEAN as a surroundi.Pectin manufacturer.