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[purification of recombinant protein for industry]Original title Anqing Grand View District Government Affairs Staff front parking head must be inwarded? The Committee of the CPPCC questioned the parking in front of the Government Affairs Building in Anqing City, Anhui Province☆▽, and the driver was asked to be unified in the head. In this regard▽■■, Chen Yitan, a member of the CPPCC in Anqing City, believes that this will be safe and rational, and it is recommended to implement humanized management▽◆○-. On March 19th, the Direct Authority of the Daxima District of Anqing City explicitly responded to the direction of the parking direction of the vehicle no longer doing hard requirements. The security personnel have asked the drivers head to park. It is reported that with the completion of the decline in the office building of the Grand View District, the office conditions have been improved, and the increase in parking space in front of the door has also greatly improved the problem of difficulties in the people who come to do things. However, as a member of the Political Consultative Conference in the Grand View▲■=, Chen Yitan learned in the investigation that the security hard sex of the Daguan District government building requires all vehicle!

Original title: How to build a world-class military school in Chinese characteristics? The general of this generals understand Wang Jinlong▷▷●▪, the Principal of the Peoples Liberation Army■○, Exclusive Linear Engineering University. How to build a world-class military school in Chinese characteristics? The general of the general explained. The level of military colleges▲○●, the strength of the army□◁▼, the victory of the war This article is from the “China Army Net-•■” WeChat public accounter▪▷▽◇: As the master of the military college, you are in the first-class army of the military college. What is the understanding of the mission responsibility and status? President Wang Jinlong: The 19th National Congress of the Party blew the construction of the new era of the worlds first-class army, and our army ushered in the big development and leaping strategic opportunities. The strong military is the force, talent is the key▼◆▪, education is the foundation. Mao Zedong has a famous argument: no culture of the army is stupi●■.

Original title: March 6, 15••:00 Tianjin◆-, Inner Mongolia, Jilin•◁•□, Shanghai=▪▷, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian○•, Jiangxi, Shandong-□, Henan…•▲•, Hainan•○…▲, Chongqing▷●■★, Yunnan●▷, Hong Kong Open Group Conference Delegation: Tianjin Time: 15☆…=: 00 Location: The Form of Conference of the Peoples Great Hall of the People: All conferences (General Conference on the meeting) Conference issues: Review Government Work Report Delegation: Inner Mongolia Time: 15:00 Location: Peoples Great Hall Inner Mongolia Hall Conference Form: All Meetings ( The next 10 representatives received an interview. INTAMPORTE★…: Jilin Time◇…: 15:00 Venue▷△: Time of China Workers House 4▪○◆, 22nd Conferen collagen peptide and gelatin market pure gold eye mask collagen skin collagen halal gelatin capsule!

Original title: Teresa delegates suggested that the establishment of a specialized agency assessing whether the legal policy is a good law○△-, in addition to the content◇▼△, the form is in line with the requirements of the good law, whether it is equivalent to fairness and justice, including men and women equality values, in the country Delegation of the National Womens Federation, the Vice President of the National Womens Federation, this is a very important question that needs to be examined▪…●. According to the representatives of the China National Peoples Family●▲, Teresas representative submitted a “proposal to establish legal policy gender equality assessment mechanism…•○”, it is recommended to form a specialized agency to carry out gender equality of legal policy development, implementation and effect. Evaluation. The “proposal” said that the legal policy gender equality assessment mechanism is a specialized agency composed of relevant personnel with gender equality•◆■, according to the price of men and wom◇•☆.