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[protein industries canada supercluster]China has built the largest information communication network in China “Cloud” economy has “hard” support (online China) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently said China has built the worlds largest information communication network, fixed broadband and mobile network end-to-end users The experience rate is about 7 times higher than that of 5 years ago★☆. Chinas 5G development has achieved leading advantages, has accumulated a 5G base station over 819=•▲●,000, and 5G mobile terminal connections reached 310 million. Experts said that the leap-forward development of information communication networks, providing ▼★=▼”hard” support for digital economic development, and adding “cloud” kinetic energy to Chinas economy▲■. High-speed networks make life more convenient in e-commerce live “spike” explosive items; through mobile !

Beijing anti-food waste regulations vote▷▼, clarifying various subject responsibility catering service operators must not set the minimum consumption yesterday, Beijings Thirty-first meeting vote for the 19th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee “(Referred to as” specified •◇◁”). “Specify” clear catering service operators○▷, catering platforms○☆□, unit canteens and other subject responsibility, the scene of collective dining◁●◇◆, student dining, tourism, buffet, holiday dining□★, etc., strengthen regulatory constraints, implement classification Guide▽☆▼. …◆=○”Status” will be implemented since the date of publication. Personally pack the remaining meal to practice ◇•”CD Action” “Regulations” proposed▷…•, and save★●◁, oppose was.

Original title◆○□: March 13th National Peoples Congress One meeting held the third plenary meeting Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 10th National Peoples Congress a meeting held a delegation plenary meeting on the 11th morning, reviewing the draft constitutional amendment Voting, etc .; convene the fourth meeting of the Bureau△▪■. At 3 oclock in the afternoon■▲•, in the Great Hall of the People, Voting Director★–, Monitor List, Voting Voting Constitutional Amendment, Listening and Executive Secondary National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang Regional Standing Committee Report will work. On the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center will hold two press conferences on the 11th: At 10 oclock, the Ministry of Commerce, the deputy director of the Minister of Commerce▲-◁=, the deputy representative of the International Trade Negotiation, and the deputy director Queke will “promote the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern. Pu▷-.

Original title: (Military) Sun Chunlans listing ceremony and set up a meeting of the decommissioning military affairs, emphasized the reform and innovation and fulfilled the duties to create a new military work. New Situation Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 16 (Reporter Mei Shixiong) Communist Party Committee Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan attended the Department of Detarant Military Affairs, the deputy premier of the State Council and the establishment of the General Assembly and speaking. She emphasized that in order to guide the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping☆•◁▪, improve the political station★=○★, enhance the -▪▷”four awareness”☆★▼, and resolutely implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment△•●▪, accelerate the reform and functional integration of institutions, and establish and improve the centralized unity★■, responsibilities Clear retired military management guarantee system, and create a new situation in the new era of retired military work. Sun Chunlan pointed out that the Department of Retired Military Affairs is the core based on Comrade Xi Jinpin.

Original title▲•□: Heavy news what is a gelatin protein drink industry! From May 1st, this regulation will change your life récupération des protéines industrie△◇ Pure collagen, marine collagen powder wholesale! This is the first administrative regulation for the express industry in my country, which has laid the basis for the high quality development of the express delivery industry from the system level. According to statistics from the State Post Bureau●=★, my countrys express delivery business has been ranked first in the world for 4 consecutive years. It has added 200■◁▪△,000 new employment every year, and the growth contribution rate of global parcel express delivery rate exceeds 50%▲△▲. There have been 7 express enterprises in my country, have been launched■••…, forming a 7-family income of more than 30 billion yuan. •◇■■”Ordinance” clarifies the rules of the express mail, delivery rules•-; refinement cannot be delivered▷★•, unable to return the express mail rules and express loss compensation rules…▲◇★; specializes in the users personal information protection system, provide the delivery●☆•, leak or illegally provide express delivery service User information, et▼□.