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[collagen peptides from fish]Original title▲▷◇▪: Beijing announced central environmental inspector handover problem processing results: accountant 2 party organizations▲•○•, 98 responsible guests Xinyang News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) Today, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued 11 The results of treatment of ecological environmental damage responsibility investigation, 2 party organizations, 98 responsible persons were accountable. From November 29, 2016 to December 29★•▲○, 2016, the Central First Environmental Protection Inspector team launched an environmental protection inspector in Beijing, and the 11 ecological environmental damage to the inspector on April 12, 2017☆•……. The problem is transferred to Beijing, requiring investigation and treatment according to law▽◇. According to the relevant provisions…▲▼▽, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government shall ask for two party organizations and 98 responsible people according to the relevant regulation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced the reporter meeting in this afternoon. On the afternoon of July 5, two cruises containing 133 tourists were tipped in Phuket Coral Island, Madong Island, Thailand◁•, 127 Chinese tourists▼▷◆. As of 12 noon today, 78 people were rescued in Chinese tourists, 47 people were missing, and 2 people were killed▽-. Some injured Chinese tourists have emergency hospital for treatment▲▷■. The Party Central Committee▷☆▷★, the State Council attaches great importance to the central and State Council leaders, and the leaders of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched emergency response mechanisms▽◁◁☆, led to the establishment of multi-ministerial joint working groups and rushed to Thailand to assist in work. The Working Group of China in Thailand has participated in the disposal of Phuket today. The Chinese Consulate General in Songka will visit the hospital to visit the hospital, coordinate the hospital to fully rescue, and organize volunteer teachers, international studen…■●.

Original title: Win=◆! 40 Chinese steel companies have won the anti-monopoly investigation of the United States, the Ministry of Commerce is a bit great anti wrinkle products with collagen type ii chicken collagen protein Pectin manufacturer protein snack industry gelatin powder near me,! Yesterday (20th), the US International Trade Commission decided to terminate the plaintiff American steel companys “337 survey” for Chinas steel▪◁, because the plaintiff cannot prove that it suffers against anti-monopoly damage, no plaintiff qualifications☆★…-. At this point◇□▷■, this has been terminated in the past two years, and the ▪=△▽”337 survey” of China Iron and Steel is terminated□▲▷★. Today▲◁▪, the Ministry of Commerce responds to this○◆, appreciates this ruling△=□. Wang Hejun▷□▪, Director of the Ministry of Commerce, said that Chinas attitude towards the US International Trade Commission can respect the factual attitude▪●…, China and the United States are the top two world economies, and it is also an important trading partner. Some differences between China and the United States can be understood, but they need to respect the fact.