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[bakers gelatin powder]Original title•☆◆▲: Sharing Recruitment “Blacklist◆△”: Is it so embarrassed to the job seeker? You are very poison★◆•…, you are poisonous-=, you are poison poison poison .■□○•.. Wen Wang Yan, “How to have such a unreliable job seeker…•◇!◁◇” According to the Workers Daily, recently, it is responsible for the HR of Li Qimings HR to take him. The resume sent into a 300-person advertising industry HR WeChat group▪○, in the group, in the group, many questions in this recruitment process: ▽▼”The interview is late•■◆▪, the behavior is impetuous▪□★, and it is difficult to talk to him. Put the pigeon ▽-▼… “Given these” sickness □▷”…▷△●, many HR speaking in the group said he would-△” pull “. Sharing Recruitment …◇”Blacklist•★▽”, as the name suggests, is included in a company or employer to include the candidate of its dissent into the “blacklist” and release it within a certain range,.

Original title▲☆◆: Counterattack nitta gelatin usa inc vitamin c collagen! China intends to increase tariffs on these US imports (with the list) March 2018, the Ministry of Commerce issued a list of suspensions for the US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures and solicited public opinions, intended to import Some products have increased tariffs to balance the loss of imported steel and aluminum products to Chinas interests. The Ministry of Commerce spokesperson issued a conversation. The list is tentatively containing 7 classes○●=, 128 tax products, according to the 2017 statistics, involving US $ 3 billion exports to the Chinese•-◆▲. The first part is 120 taxes, involving US $ 977 million exports▷○-☆, including fresh fruit, dried fruit and nut products□◇, wine, modified ethanol, flower ginseng, seamless steel pipe and other products▲☆■, and add 15% tariffs. seco●●★.

Original title: The intentions finally went home marine or bovine collagen peptides bloom 200 gelatin! The fifth batch in the Han Zhijun Martyrs remains returned to the country CCTV▲-▷. Yesterday (March 28), the fifth batch of 20 in the Han Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs••○, from the Chinese Air Force Airport to transport back to the country. The transfer ceremony was performed on time on time at 10■■…:00 am, and the Korean army band played music. The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Passengers took over the Hanfang soldiers, and the representatives of China and South Korea signed a handover■□, confirmed the remains of 20 volunteers. The remains of the Martyrs and related Relics. The Chinese ambassador to South Korea is the remains of the volunteer martyrs, and all Chinese people have to volunteer martial arts. Subsequently, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Square escort the remains of the martyrs boarded the air force. The Air Forces staff team pays tribute to the volunteer martyrs. 20 椁 is ne.

China New Network reported on the US “World Daily” report, recently, a shooting case in Auckland=▼, the United States▷▽△●, and the clerk of a Chinese barber shop near the case is the case, and nearby merchant business is affected=▼. At 2■-▪☆:12 pm on the 24th••●, a deadly shooting occurred in a street area of ​​Oakland Huayun 8th Street◆•☆▷, a street of the police station★□■■, and a chase of Huayun Community•◆■. Several suspects carry high-power to blessing a gun•△◇●, shooting twenty-two bombs to a car crazy◆▪. The victims of the car, the 22-year-old San Francisco★☆, a Christopher Cawthorne. The murderer drif.