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Gelatin capsule.[sleeping collagen]After yesterday, I received a lot of feedback▪■. Everyone is very concerned about that Sino-US relations■△☆◁, especially economic and trade relations, and also proposes a lot of views. …▪”China and American economy has both independence, there is also a certain dependence, and political differences between the two countries have severely hit the harmony between the economy.◁△□▼” ◆•☆…”Ideology, national conditions, the exterior environment facing it is different. Talk is attitude.▪◁” In the past few years, Sino-US relations have suffered serious difficulties, bringing adverse effects in the two countries and the world, and some emotions have also accumulated some emotions◆◆☆□. However, on the 27th▽■★△, the recovery of high-level communication in China and the United States and trade fields is an active direction and a good start–☆◇. For the 27-day call, there is also a detail and a judgme.

China New Network on May 27th, for the recent state of the Australian-African Africher and other people, the relevant statement held on the stage of Taiwan, at the routine press conference held by the Ministry of Defense, the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Director, National Defense News People Tan Kefei said that we hope that Australia should not go more far from the wrong road, and do more about the development of two military relations between China and Australia. At the meeting•▪★-, there were reporters asked: According to reports, Australian prevention leaders recently said that there should be the possibility of conflicts in the sea sea. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior of the Macao said that the drums have already sounded, and Macau must prepare for the war…◁■●. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? Tan Kefei responded that there is only one in the world■★▪○, Taiwan is not divided into Chin○▪.

Original title◆-★: Anhui Wuhu Xuancheng Airport is approved, positioned as domestic branch airport data map•□-◆”Approval of the overall plan of Wuhu Xuancheng Airport”, formally agree ☆◇◇▷”Wuhu Xuancheng Airport overall planning. According to the approval, Wuhu Xuancheng Airport recent planning target is 2025, and the long-term planning goal is 2045. Recently☆◇□▽, the passenger throughput was 1.2 million passengers, and the annual shipping throughput was 10,000 tons. The annual transport plane took 12,2245☆-◆•, and the navigation plane took 10●●=,000 sets•★-. For the long-term passenger throughput of 4▲•△△.3 million passengers, the annual shipping throughput of 70□▲▷▲,000 tons, the annual transport plane took 380,50, and the navigation plane took the 200,000 programming. Planning to position the Wuhu Xuancheng Airport as a domestic branch li▼☆▷-?

Original title: Who will give “vaccination•◁▷●” reflection to the vaccine supervision. Shandong non-compliance vaccine incident was exposed by media in mid-July. After a few days of fermentation, it has now made a public hot event. Because parents go home to check their childrens vaccine, they found such a few vaccine production plants◆=•▪, and they may become “problem manufacturers◆▲.▼-…▼” So the collective panic of the whole society. Since 2007, the vaccine events have continued to be exposed, and now, the matter is not difficult, this is not a manufacturer○◇▽▲, which black heart boss or a malicious official★◆▲▪. What we must reflect is that the governance model behind the vaccine industry will fail◇…★▲. Simply put, in order to prevent such incidents from happening again, who will give the vaccine supervision to –“vaccination”? The overall failure of the vaccine supervision is entering the so-called ◁=□”Minsky Time”, n.

Original title: The First Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has anger 12 words△☆★◆: Changan Street▪△▼…, Im written in the authors writing Wei Zhang Ning as the important force of the party to the party, and the Central Discipline Committee responsible for the supervision of the supervision has been attaind attention★▷△□. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is more impressed by strict treatment of the party. How is the Iron Army supervised, how did I start working◇▪? Recently, the “special actor narrative” in the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has□○▪, please visit Wang Wufu, the top of the top ten Marshal•▲▷□, and he introduces Zhu De•◁▽, who is the first Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, how to strictly govern the party. Wang Woodfang was interviewed (the source of the Source of the Source) Unlike other special actors, Wang Wutafu, known as “National First Zhu Dete•-“, starred in more than forty movies, ▪▼.