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[gelatin manufacturers in china]China News Agency Jakarta on May 27 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) The Indonesian Jakarta Court sentenced to violate the epidemic prevention, the country▪=, which has been announced to illegally organized the ▪□◆=”Islamic Defender Front…○” (FPI) leader and The spirit leader Rizieq is 8 months in prison. On November 10 last year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic was raging in Indonesia★=◁, and Riqiji returned to Indonesia after three years of exile. Saudi Arabia△▪◇•. It arrived in Jakarta International Airport, tens of thousands of supporters flocked to the airport●•=○, causing highways from the airport and the airport arrival hall, and dozens of flight delays or forced cancellation. Many gathering people do not wear mas▪……!

Original title: British media: “A belt all the way” to promote Chinas foreign investment in the next 10 years or $ 2.5 trillion in reference news network April 1 report in British Media○▽•▼, International Law Firm, Linklater▲◆, is expected, the next 10 years Chinas foreign direct investment can reach US $ 25 trillion. According to the British “Financial Times” website, on March 26…△◆•, the latest research showed that although the protectionism continued to rise, Chinas foreign investment may still reach a high level of $ 25 trillion in the next 10 years. This means that the record of Chinas annual foreign investment in the next 10 years will be a record in 2016. The report of the annual Lida International Law Firm pointed out that in addition to the restriction of domestic capital control, Chinas investment is overseas (especially the United States and Europ.

Original title•☆▲▪: Xian 号 买 房 has been within the ◁•▲”official relationship=•★◆”▼◇? The person in charge responded yesterday◆★□, Xian •-◆□”South Changan Street No.▼●●” real estate project partial shake number purchase room is circulated online●▷, including the customer name, telephone number▽•△•, ID number•◇, and home collection consultant. It is especially those who focus on the ▲•”relationship details”, which mentioned in Xian and Changan District Quality Supervision, Housing Management, Land, Power Supply and other departmental officials. This list causes netizens questioning▼◆▽: the so-called shake number purchase, in fact△■, has already been related to the relationship▽○●☆. A few days ago△…☆, this matter has new progress. According to the western network, the western network, Shaanxi headline reporter went to the “South Changan Street No.…■=” project to shake the number, and the new round of shake is still working properly. The person in charge of its project, said some owners information exposed on the networ.

Original title…◇•: Suspected to make China International Student Timeout Work Day Ranam President was sent to the map from Japan Common Social Overseas Network March 6, Japan, a lot of branches in Japan, and even Overseas. However, last year (2017)▲■▷, 2 branches in the central area of ​​Osaka, Japan were discouraged to let employees from China and Vietnam and other countries illegally time out▪…•. On the 6th=▼△, a President-☆, a sector, has been inspected-●. According to Japans “Daily News”, the Japanese Osaka Police is suspected of departing the entry and exit management method for the 6th▷•●…, which is suspected of departing the entrance and exit management law (53 years old) and 7 cadres who are responsible for labor▼●. In the face of the polices investigation, Jiyes reputation, “I didnt know full understanding of illegal work…-, I forgot to declare foreigners.” According to Osaka polic▲…◁▪. protein synthesis industry what is pasture raised bovine hide collagen peptides

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