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[collagen used in candy and cosmetics]Original title: Liaoning ship Nanhai patrol alarms, frontal military officers, “Not enough” [Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan Global Times, special reporter Xiao Shi Qingmu Chen Yi Liu Yupeng] ▲◆=”Liaoning ship costs more than 40 ships Nanhai actual combat drill, satellite exposure of the destination of aesthetics. □●☆”Not long ago, I still worried that the Liaoning ship aircraft carriers islands islands island, I sent a buzzing on the 28th. Among the day, the international media reported that this time△★●, the South China Sea exercise from Liaoning Ship, or the scope of the military, it is an unusual…•▼▷, large-scale display of military power. Many analytics believe that recent mainland China announced that the large-scale sea-speed combat drill and joint battle cruise in the South China Sea is a warning for the United States to fight “Taiwan”. One clo▼=○☆.

[China has about] Fuzhou Sanfang Qixiang: Protection Historical and Cultural Street and Development City Tourism to achieve a win-win international online news (Reporter Xie Shijia): Fuzhou, there is a state. “Fu□…▷◁” is in the landscape-●, that is also human. Located in the Sanfang Qixiang, Fuzhou City, once he came out of the modern celebrity in China: Modern China “Looking at the worlds first person” Lin Zi Xu, China “The Father of Ship Defense” Shen Wei, the famous translator Yan Fu△-▽, modern famous writer ice heart ▷▲○… Sanfang Qixiang is the source of history, the root of culture, and the land of the culturality◇▷◆. Self-promoting, Tang Dynasty•☆, here is the gathering of the aristocrats, and there are more than 400 celebrities living here in history. Whole historical and cultural neighborho▽□.

Original title★◁: Guangdong Foshan, a deputy department of Guangdong Province, for the rejuvenation▽■▼, pretending to express the legal evening newspaper under the central or provincial leadership (Reporter Yue Sanfeng) “I hope that after you arrive▷◇△, strengthen financial innovation drivers, and break out a financial support industry development. New road□…=☆. “In March 2016, this signature” work instructions ▼★•”in a provincial party committee of the south•☆○, entering the mobile phone of a city mayor with SMS◆…. Surprisingly, actual senders are not a secretary, but a deputy director. A few days ago, Guangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court broke an appeal case, and Liu Jing●=, deputy science governor of Foshan Financial Bureau, was sentenced to a year and a half. After the trial, this person is mobilized for work, and it has been pretended to send a text message to the provincial and municipal leaders of the central or provincial leaders. Put a deputy governor to cheat the phone number, was found in Guangzhou Zhongyu!

Original title☆★: Gansu informed central environmental protection inspections: Vice Governors were seriously warned from November 30●☆○, 2016 to December 30▽=△…, and the Central Seventh Environmental Protection Inspector team conducted environmental protection inspections in our province■○-◇. On April 13○▪, 2017□★, the Central Environmental Protection Insugation team fed back to our inspections and handed over the 11 ecological environmental damage to the inspector to Gansu Province, requiring investigation and treatment according to law. The Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to this, and the return of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the rectification and accountability of the introduction of the feedback, and the establishment of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the governor of the Gansu Provincial Ecology Construction and environmental protection coordination promotion leadership groups, clearly put forward the problem of rectification○◁●, no place, responsibility is not in place. pre◇▪?

Original title: What information is there after 37 years or from the name of the State Council-◁◆-? On March 13•●…, the State Council will discuss a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress in accordance with the “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan…▽=◁”. Among them, the “National Health and Family Planning Commission” established five years ago intends to retain▲□=, but the new establishment of the National Health and Health Board. It is concerned that 37 years later=◆●◆, the formulation of the family planning department may take the first time in the formation department. The National Health and Health Committee combined with a number of health functions. The National Health and Health Committee will deepen the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the State Council Deepline the Department of Pharmaceutical and Health System Reform Leading Group, the responsibilities, Industry and Information Technology of the National Aging Committee Offic. fish collagen white gelatin capsules

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