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[industrial application of protein purification]Xinhua News Agency◆▽•△, March 27, March 15△▼◁, 2018◇•◇, China Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the 13th National Committees first meeting adopted the “Amendment of the Charter of Conference on Peoples Political Consultation”. Recently, the head of the General Office of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference accepted an interview and answered the reporter on the relevant situation▪☆. Q: Please introduce the principles of this revision of the Political Conference Charter. A: The current CPPCC chartered by the five sessions of the May 1982▪■•▲, in 1994, in 2000○☆●•, in 2004•□□, three revisions were made, generally adapt to the needs of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, which is in line with national conditions, in line with the actual situation. , Comply with good articles on the development requirements of the times. At the same time, historical experience is also fully proved that the CPPCC has only constantly adapted to the new situation▷-◆-, absorbs new experience•–, reflecting n.

Original title: US military bomber avoids the Korean Peninsula Xinhua News Agency on May 19th▼○▽, US media reported on the 18th, US military B-52 strategic bombers change the flight training program this week, avoid the Korean peninsula, to avoid the meeting of the leaders of the United States Damage atmosphere▼▷□. ◁=□◆”Wall Street Daily” reported a number of US officials as a message source○△, the United States, South Korea and Japan○■▲, the original code ……▲”blue lightning•◇□•” joint flight drill▲-▽, the US military B-52 bomber participation, the date and this month to the 25th US and South Korea •▪”Super Thunder” annual combination of aerobic exercises almost coincided☆=…. The report said that due to the nervous relationship between Korean Japan, the plan is changed to the US and the Korean and the Japanese. The Korean government tells the US later, hoping to cancel the B-52 to be derived, so as not to destroy the meeting of the leaders of the United States▪▼. Korea National Defen••☆?

Xinhua News Agency▽◁□-, Beijing, China, “Amendment of the Charter of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultation Conference (Draft) (Abstract) First Section of the Charter of the Charter” “Modified to” in the long-term revolution in the long-term revolution ••▪”Construction, reform◆☆•○”; “” After the leadership of the Communist Party of China “▽=▼◆,” the “Socialist Work, the construction of workers, the construction of the socialist▪▷☆◆”, to support the patriotism of socialism And the ▪◆…▷”revised” of the unified patriots to support the motherland▼▷, the builders of all socialist workers, the socialist cause, support the socialist patriots, support the unity of the motherland and the patriots committed to the great revival of the Chinese nation ” Second, the third natural section of the charter▽△, ▼▽■”The Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference is the Chinese peoples patrioti.Gelatin capsule.