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[pectin]Talent Year is very different this year. As more and more cities added thereto, this years city “talents battle” is more intense, and the heat is constantly climbing. Unlike the “graduation gift package”, Ive also paid a “graduation gift package”, and this year, many cities will have a high-level talents in the transformation and upgrades as the top priority, and there are different levels of power, and they have opened the city “grab people”. One lasting battle. This spring, the “War” to compete for talented intellectual resources is staged all over the country▷▽▪. In late March this year, Beijing and Shanghai have issued ●○”Beijing City introduced talents management method (trial)◆△◇” and “Shanghai accelerated the implementation of the peak engineering action plan•◇”, marking the two-cities in Beijing and Shanghai also added to the smoke Among the talent battle, I added a firewood to the “Ghost War”. Various citi-▲•.

Zhongxin Net Huizhou May 27th (Schiyu Song Xijie) reporter learned from the Guangdong Huizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau on May 27 that Huizhou police works in accordance with the national ◆□★=”net network 2021★•◁▷” special action and combats the management of telecommunications network fraud crimes Requirements-◇▷, series of operations◆•, troops, and continuously cracked 2 online fraud crimes. 41 suspects were arrested••▼▽, and more than 50 bank cards were seized, and a large number of mobile phones and computers. In the early stage, Huizhou police investigated a big criminal gang of Boofu◇○☆▲, Zhongkai•…, Daya Bay, etc. in the work●••. On March 10, Huizhou City◇▼-◇, county (district) public security up and down, a total of more than 200 pairs of police for▲▽.

Original title▷▽■: Shenhai Xiong to International Territory Office, China Online March 22 forum■▽●▪. Shenhai Xiong examined the China-Foreign Communication Center Technology Building, visiting the Russian□■, Laotia, Swahili, Turkish and English center, and communicating with you▼=. In the main control equipment room, he listened to the overseas prevailing station; in the media platform, the national two sessions were reported. ○▪”If the national treasure will talk▲…” multilingual TV, ◁◆▼”China Theater” multilingual version Overseas broadcast situation. At the symposium, Shenhai Xiong listened to Wang Geng years▼•□○, Huang Sheng, Huang Shengs work report=★, he first thanked International Taiw.