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[breakfast bar protein bar industry]Zhongxin=•◆, May 28, (Reporter Cui Jiaming) “Mobile Cup▽●△” 2021 Yangzhou Public Data Development Application Innovation Competition officially launched on the 28th. The official website of the contest ( and Yangzhou government portal, Jiangsu government service network Yangzhou flagship store, “My Yangzhou App”▽★, etc■=◆△. from now until June 30th▷◆▼□, open online registration aisle■◆△. Qi Junchen said★▽◇…, ▲○”Let the data run more, the masses are ran,●-□” will strive to create a •◇•”good place, do things” government service brand-…▽●. “Cui Jiaming was before, with digital technology and human production, live convergence◆=●□, global data Exhibit an explosive growth, s★=▷○.

Original title▷▽▲: Military situation Da Xiu muscles! The US “News Week” website recently issued the •□▲”Training of Chinas Army to Challenge the United States in China, Chinas Max Size Training•▲▪”, China official media According to the 15th□☆, the China Marine Corps has already conducted the largest of similar military training in China●◆○…, and there were more than 10,000 officers in the domestic cross-region★☆▷. This is an unprecedented force show▲◁●. ▲ The US △•▲”News Week” website reported that the screenshot was allegedly kicked off in the 12th☆•○, over 10■…-●,000 miles (about 2000 kilometers) were taken by 10▪=,000 miles (about 2000 kilometers), and they arrived at Yunnan Province and Shandong Province▲△◇▼. Training base. The officers and men use the combination of air△◁▷☆, waterways…★•, railways, and motorcyculation what type of organic molecule is gelatin best fish collagen peptide supplement whey protein industry vitamin d3 and chicken sternum collagen type ii!

Original title: He Jinying representative: Strictly crack down on the crime of violations in violation of minors -▪”, after the abuse case of Ctrip Parental Park, Red Huang Yue Yueki◁◆•▪, the procuratorate quickly involved•☆, handled according to law, I was very moving.▽●” March 12th, Representative of the National Peoples Congress=☆●, He Jinying, the sixth middle school teacher of Langfang City, Hebei Province, said in an interview with a reporter that he is very concerned about the relevant content of minor judicial protection in the highest inspection work report. He Jinying said that the procuratorate attaches great importance to the functional role in the judicial protection of minors▼■▷, the ●=●●”procuratorate to strengthen the judicial protection of minors” issued by the highest inspection “is strictly assault■▪, abduction, and misrepreneurial crimes. ▼◆◁★, Strengthen the scientific protection of left-behind children and difficult children★◆◆…. Only from January to November 2017•…◁, the national procuratorial organ approv?

Original title: Two conferences Ma Huateng suggested to formulate “National Park Law” China Securities Network News (Reporter Shao Hao) After the two sessions, the National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress, Tencent Board of Directors…○•, Chairman and Chief Executive official Ma Mi Teng this year, I will submit this year. A written recommendation on the construction of ecological civilization – ○▷”Issue on Encourage Social Welfare Organization to participate in the construction and management of national parks”. Ma Huateng believes that national parks are a public welfare national project, and social public welfare institutions have natural advantages in participating in all-in engineering. Public welfare organizations should play their own advantages, actively engage in the natural protection of my countrys national park as the main body, participate in the construction of ▲•-□”beautiful China”-□○. Ma Huateng proposed five specific recommendations: First, formulate “national pa?