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[ngil company]Original title: The national office sent more than 180 staff members “listening to△…■” two sessions, what they all heard? There is such a group of people in the two sessions. They are neither a representative of the Peoples Congress nor a member of the CPPCC▷○. They are from the national office. During the national two sessions in 2018, the Office of the State Council sent more than 180 staff members to the National Peoples Congress, the Committee of the CPPCC▽==-, and listened to the records of the representative committee. Listening records are not simple. According to the national requirements●▪•, these records must ensure that the content ▲▽…”original juice” is closely to “dry goods” “hard goods”◁●=▷. Also at 12◇★•:30 per day, the first time will be summarized in the morning and afternoon record, many of the information will be reported to the “leaders of the State Council for the first-handed” report. Sea amount of opinion suggestion★▲, how to summarize◇■, how to summari▼○▲•!

Xinhua News Agency Macau March 18 (Reporter Hu Yao) The 12th Asian Film Award was issued in Macau on the evening of the 17th, a total of 17 awards. The film “Fanghua•☆” won the best movie, actor Gu Tianle and Zhang Ai Jia won the best male and heroine●•★. At the award ceremony of the evening, Zhang Aijia won the best heroine with the film “Love=◆”◆☆◁, and she also received a lifetime achievement award. Gu Tianle won the best male protagonist with a film “Killing Wolf,”, and the film also received the best action movie. Japans director Shi Yiyu also won the best director with the “Tokyo Night Sky▲▷…☆”. The best screenwriter is governed by the Indian film “Stubborn Newton•▷○” screenwriter Amit Maluka and Ma Yak Tewari■▷▪▪. Zhang Yuxi got the best female supporting role with film “Demon Cat●△”, which also received the mo 40 mesh gelatin bodybalance bovine collagen peptides▷◁ Contacts gelatin powder mixer what is fish collagen peptides for,!

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 State Council Poverty Alleviation Office: Purgent Income Income in Poverty Region is higher than the National Rural Farmers on March 7th, Macultus Center Multi-Film■••, Director Liu Yongfu, Director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council attended the press. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photographed Xinjing News (Reporter Ni Weifu) The 13th National Peoples Congress One meeting held a press conference at 15 oclock on March 7th, Director Liu Yongfu, director of the State Council, 5 years▪△▪◇, poverty-stricken area, peasant income Increased growth than 2.5 percentage points higher than the revenue of rural farmers, created the best results in history. Liu Yongfu said that it has been conducted for 5 years. At the end of 2015, it has been a more than two years••△. It has been more than two years▷◁, and it has made decisive progress and significant results. At the end of 2012, there is.