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[gelatin powder pharma 280 bloom]Original title▪…: Taizhong University Sun Yat-sen is like or removed by alumni•▼●▷: Taking this as a campus landmark of Zhongshan University▷■▽, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue. (Source: Taiwan ▽▪●”United Daily”) Overseas Network April 16th…●, after the “single” forces in the island•▷▲, the news of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statues in the island were removed. Today (16th)○▼-, the Taiwan Zhongshan University launched the “referendum” of the whole school, and vote by the faculty and school students to stay in Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek. In this regard▲•◁, there is a Taiwan Zhongshan University alumni who has been excluded◇△. ▼▲▪”If Sun Yat-sens bronze statue is removed, I am ashamed of the Zhongshan University of Taiwan=▽▷.…=◁▼” According to Taiwans “United Daily” report, the voting content is single-choice for Sun Yat-sen Chiang Kai-shek, the option includes stayin.

Original title: Community•□: Trump mouth is gentle, China needs to be cautious in Trump, President Trump, Beijing time, on the evening of the latest release: “Xi Jinping Chairman and I will always be friends, regardless of our trade dispute. China will cancel trade barriers…==□, because this is the right practice. The tax will become mutually beneficial◇▷, Sino-US will reach an agreement in intellectual property◇▼. The two countries will have a great future◁•□! □…●”This latest twice and Trump before Twitter has changed in tone, and the chairman and China have expressed respect. At the same time, his attitude towards China and the United States is mixed. He expressed the expectation of Chinas unilateral “cancellation trade barriers”, while expressing both sides ▽-“will agree on intellectual property rights”, it seems that both parties make one step▽▼▪☆. Reduce trade deficit and requirements for Chi peptones bovine hide collagen peptides vs hydrolyzed collagen protein bar industry stats grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen peptides!

Xinhua News Agency▷-●◆, March 18, on the morning of the 19th●=-◆, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the seventh plenary meeting•-…, decided to determine the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, State Council, Minister of Affairs, Director of the Committee○…■, the Peoples Bank of China●○-, and the auditors▼▲◆◇, The Employment of the Secretary-General, Visit the 13th National Peoples Congress National Committee, Monitoring and Judicial Committee, Educational Science and Cultural Health Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee-●○▷, Overseas Chinese Committee■▽, Environmental and Resource Protection Committee, Agriculture and Rural Commission, Director, Deputy Director of the Social Construction Committee Brand, member of the members△▪△◇. In the afternoon, the delegation was held□○, and the draft resolutions and the draft resolutions and the draft law will be considered, and the draft decision is recommended; convene the eleventh meeting of the Bureau=★. (End) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Jian.

The Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce (“China Total”) Welcomes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council today (27th) through ●•”In 2021 Perfection Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill”, the revision of the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council will fully implement the “patriotism•□▲” Governor◆◆, to ensure that the -▷○”one country and two systems◁▽◁” have a steady, and promote the development of Hong Kong political development. The meeting expects that the SAR Government will make a detailed description of the detail as soon as possible to prepare from three elections in the future. Yuan Wu believes that the new election system expands the size of the Election Committee, and increasing the Legislative Council, fully reflecting the principle of “extensive representation•▪” and “balanced participation•★▪”•……◇, and helps achieve good governance•▽. Electoral Committee add•○▪△.Pectin manufacturer,