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[mini gelatin capsules filler]Original title☆▲●: (Social) Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Khan Mazhi firefield=…○•, open fire, all extinguished Xinhua News Agency▪●◁, Hohhot▷□▲, June 6 (Reporter Wang Jing) Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Khanmine, the fire joint headquarters announced on the morning of the 6th, as of 6◇☆■, 10 oclock, In addition, Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Khan National Nature Reserve…▷◆▲, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and realizes the full line=■□, all of which are all extinguished, and the entire fire is fully controlled. According to reports, Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Khan National Nature Reserve Forest Fire, in Inner Mongolia, including 5,100 hectares, including 4,500 hectares in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 600 hectares in Heilongjiang Province. After a multi-day investigation and evidence of public security organs, the cause of the fire is a lightning fire. At present, the fireworks a.

China Weather Network is expected that today (24th) Beijing air quality is good, the weather is fine, the highest temperature is 22 ° C★-■•, will create a new high temperature this year•◁. Yesterday-△▲, Beijing had severe pollution in Beijing. However□•, at night, as the cold air arrives, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are improved. In terms of temperature, monitoring shows that at around 16:00 yesterday, the temperature of the South is rose to 21.2 ° C. This morning△-, Beijing began to make it. According to the Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, today◇▼•▷, Beijing is transferred to high pressure back to high pressure, and the diffusion conditions are advantageous, and the air quality index 65-85 is achieved●…★▲. In addition-◁★▪, the temperature continues to rise today△◁. Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast: Today★▼, sunny, there is light fog in the south, the north to the south wind two or three levels▷▼•, the highest temperature 22 ° C▽◁; nig.

Original title: Central Bank exclusively: Why stop the fourth set of RMB part coupons▪▷? Since May this year, some of the fourth sets of RMB cannot be used again◇◁◇. On March 22nd, the central bank announced from May 1▲▽, 2018, stopped the fourth set of RMB 100, 50 yuan▼•, 10 yuan, 5 yuan○=▪▷, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 2 angle banknotes and 1 angle coins (hereinafter referred to Four sets of RMB part courses) circulation in the market. What are these renminbi? A more detailed help master (ID: Banglicai) is equipped with a picture at the end of the text=◁-•. Before the help of the Lord-★☆◆, the collection value has been interpreted☆▷•◁, welcome to see it. Today, on the use■○, exchange of students★…-◇, the central bank today responds exclusive responses today▲•◇•. Give your heart to praise★◁=, the help of the new Beijing newspaper is such a co.Gelatin wholesale.