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[industrial protein for antibiotics]The two sessions Xinhua News Agency, the 13th National Peoples Congress▼★□•, a meeting vote adopted a resolution on the implementation of the central and local budget in 2017 and the 2018 Central and local budgets, approve the 2018 central budget▷◁☆▷. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor★–◁: Zhang Y.

Original title-▪◆: Central Party School (National Institute) Leading Ban List and Resume Economic Daily – China Economic Net Beijing March 31 Comprehensive report recently, the “Study Times” hosted by the Central Party School disclosed newly established central party schools (National Administration College ) Leadership team▷◆-▪. President of the Central Party School (National Administrative College), the vice president of the daily work (Vice President) He Yiiting, Vice President (Vice President) Wang Dongjing, Ji Moven, Li Ji◇▲○, School (Hospital) Committee▲▽▷•, Chen Li (Deputy Minister)◆▲, Huang Dynasty (Deputy Minister), Xie Chun Tao. Previously, “Deepening the Party and National Institutional Reform Plan” proposed to integrate the responsibilities of the Central Party School and the National Institute of Administration★○◆◆, form new central party schools (National Administration), implement two brands of institutions, as the partys direct institutions. He Yiiting resu.

Guangdong Huizhou, a country and the country, the world and the developer visited the discipline of the Commission for Discipline, the latest phase of the Guangdong Huizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the topic of the military, “Focus▲▷=▼” four winds •=•◇”, broadcast on Huizhou TV at the evening, exposed two recent investigations Typical problems■◇○□, Dai Weijun, Dai Weijun▪▲, Dai Weidian, Department of Port Land and Resources, Huidong County Land and Resources Bureau, received management service objects, and the relevant staff of the Huiyang District Agriculture Bureau violated the central provisions of the Central Committee. In this year□●, the New Years Day and the Spring Festival holiday☆▼••, Huizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Take measures, multi-tube■▽▼, no time☆●=, non-route to the hotel▷•□☆, entertainment venue, private clubhouse, etc.☆▲◇, key areas■•▼, the key area, the key areas◁▽-▷, resolutely prevent the •□◆◁”four winds” problems rebounded back to the tide. Exposure of the port of the country to receive the developer High-grade foreign wine books from the South + custome?