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[china industrial gelatin]Original title: This position, Xiongan New District recruits 650 people (also give housing subsidies) Recently, Hebei Xiong County released an announcement of 650 Chinese primary schools (kindergartens) teachers. This is a large-scale recruitment activity in the area of ​​Xiongan New Area☆●•. The Xiong County Education Bureau announced that this concentrated recruitment is to supplement the lance of primary and secondary schools (kindergartens)△…★□, optimize the structure of teachers●■, improve the overall quality of teachers▲▷, and comprehensively improve the quality of education, according to “Xiong County” millennium=◇•○, education first ◁◁▲”Three-year improvement plan (2018-2020)” is required. Primary and secondary school teachers recruited 580, 3 years must not flow into 650 teachers in Xiong County. One of ordinary high schools●■, 30 vocational education centers, 350 junior high schoo.

Original title: The key node of the peninsula, Jin Zhengnheng, from China, from March 25th to 28th★•■, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the National Chairman Xi Jinping invited, the North Korean Labor Party Committee, the State Council Chairman Jin Zhengnis informal visit to my country. During the visit, Xi Jinping will hold a talks with Jin Zhengn●●. This is a photo taken by Xi Jinping and Mrs◇●. Peng Liyuan in the Great Hall of the People•▷=☆. The Xinhua News Agency should invites the General Secretary of the Central Committee, and the President Xi Jinping=•★, the North Korean Labor Party Committee, the State Committee Chairman Jin Zhengguans informal visit to my country from March 25th to 28th•▼. In the talks, the leaders of both parties have deeply exchanged views on the international and Korean peninsula. On the peninsula issue, China adheres to the realization of non-verified targets in the peninsula★◇-, maintaining the peace and stability of the peninsula, through dialog?

Original title○•: In the ▽•”unattended” innovation in “Unattended” Lead March 7◆•●, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that development is the first order when participating in the Guangdong delegation•△-▷, and talent is the first resource☆▽▼◇. Innovation is the first power. If China does not go into innovation driving development, the new old kinetic energy can not be successfully converted•=-, and it cannot be truly powerful. Strongly, relying on innovation▼●, innovation depends on talents. In the governments work report▼…, it is also specifically listed in the section, which is used to expound “Accelerate the construction of innovative countries○■★”□▼■. It is proposed to grasp the new round of technology revolutions and industrial change trends==◇, and in depth implementation of innovative drive development strategies, and continuously enhance the economy. Innovation and competitiveness. Indeed, innovation is a country, and a nation has continuously developed inexhaustible motivation. At the two sessions this year, “innovation…△▲▪” is a preparati▼□◆?