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[organic collagen liquid]Original title◇=…: Beijing reproduces Huangsha, but said, less and less than Beijing sand dust? China Weather Network today (28th), Beijing has appeared this years first large-scale dust weather process, and some regional PM10 concentration approximated 2000, air quality explosion. The dust is one of the weather phenomena in Beijing, and when the dust is hit△•◁▼, Huangsha is the sky, the air is full of hummas●△☆. In recent years, people seem to feel fewer and fewer days☆□△, and the data tells you the truth. Spring (3■■, 4, May) is a high season of Beijing sand dust, including the highest year in April. Statistics show that Beijing April monthly dust has 6=-▽.1 days; in March, in May, the number of sandstone days of the May•■, 3.6 days and 3.9 days respectively. At 3 or September, the sources of Northern Shayuan began to th.

Original title: Peoples Congress representative Gong Shuguang: Relule poverty alone is not enough, need to formulate a Chinese medicine National Peoples Congress, Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Co.•…▪●, Ltd. Party Secretary▲▽, Chairman, Zhongnan Publishing Media Group Co.•▲◁, Ltd=◁▪. Chairman Gong Shuguang As an entrepreneur△■▪, Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Party Committee Secretary, Chairman, the Chairman of Zhongnan Publishing Media Group Gong Shuguangs life experience and mental background are quite different from others. In the first four decades of life, Gong Shiguang is more known to the world with the identity of vocational literary critics…▲. In the subsequent years◆▲, he became one of the outstanding representatives of Chinas new generation of cultural enterprises in the waves of the cultural system reform. In March 2018, the national •△★•”two sessions” kicked off★=, Gong Shuguang sixth tim.

Source: China Daily Inland Title○•=●: Yuanmingyuan Old Tibetan Precious Xi Zhou Bronter is about to be auctioned in British Auction China is robbed overseas loss cultural relics reclining China Daily March 28 Is it a precious Chinese cultural relics that are trany and theft of the Buddha and theft? Their fate affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese◇▽=. A Chinese rare bronzer “Tiger”□◇, “Tiger (Yíng)”, a Chinese rare bronze “Tiger (Yíng)”, who is clearly aurated in the UK, once again focused on Chinese cultural relics that spread abroad◁☆•▲. Are you in his hometown? Tiger (Yíng) British Navy Harry Lewis Evans China Daily reported yesterd▽▷?

Original title▪□▲: National Committee, Academician•◆■◇, Chinese Academy of CPPCC, Li Yanrong, president of the Sichuan University: “Double first-class” University should set up a western talent fund cover news reporter Li Yu Beijing Photography reported on March 5th●•, the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing. Prime Minister Li Keqiang pointed out in the governments work report★=▼=, “optimize the structure of higher education, speeding up” double first “construction•◇•, support the construction of the central and western parties▽■, high-level universities-●.☆★” The core of building the “Double and One Class△◇•☆” is in talents. What kind of school is called ▷▪▷▲”double first class” university? As a Sichuan University that enters the list of “World First-class University Construction△◆”, what kind of way is to achieve first-class? “Construction Double First Class University, as well as special, high-level universities, need to have first-class teachers, for the western universiti.