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[gelatine halal food grade]Original title: Hebei 1st city or promotion of extra large cities! The city, industry▪◆•, subway ▼○◆★… will have a large change=•! At the beginning of the new year, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province ushered in a series of good news! This year is expected to get into the national ugly city china gelatine collagen! “Baili painting▼◆△” is about to be built▼▲-▪, the second city hairdressing conference is amazing▽-☆☆! 1 to build a famous Chinese culture tourist city, the deputy center of Shijiazhuang Urban Area! 1 district won the 4 star test evaluation, the future is expected to build global influence .●◁•◆.▪□. At the same time, the spring city is rectified, accelerate the ★-■”4 + 4″ modern industrial development, 3 subway latest construction progress exposure ..○◇…•. 2018, Shijiazhuang will become More charming sources of gelatin•☆○! incredible fish collagen powder! Shijiazhuang is about to get into the countrys large city! 490◆▪…○.22 million people in the urban area, recently△▼◇, Shijiazhuang Statistics issued a message,.

Original title: Peking University New Campus started◆▲! The address is not general. Guide▷▽: Recently, Peking University British campus started gelatin function! In recent years, some Chinese colleges have come from the national governance and become a new business card for Chinas higher education. Beijing University British Campus Relatability According to @ China Daily, Peking University 120th Anniversary Celebration Overseas Celebration and Beijing University British Campus launching ceremony was held in Oxford. The international scholars of the Chinese and British Government, the Nobel Prize winners, and the famous people from all walks of life and the Northern University of Peking are gathered together to witness the startup ceremony of the British campus of the Peking University HSBC Business School and unveiled the Northern University of Celebration. Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador, Liu Xiaoming▷▼◁◇, Peking University, Lin Jianhua, Pharao, Mayor Bailewei, etc., said and speaking▲-▲. In the launch ceremony, the British Campus …◆▷”Nort▪…-●.

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, May 27th, Sound•□☆: What is the situation? Some county housing prices have risen to 3,400 Xinhua News Agency “Xinhua View” reporter Ma Jian◁-, Wang Cunfu▽•●□, Deng Huining recently, “county house price is over 10,000” is concerned about public opinion…▪, and some county houses have even reached 3◆•,400 yuan. One square meter. “Xinhua Viewpoint◆▷▼” reporter learned that most of the small and medium-sized cities in the housing prices are located in the eastern region. Why is the house prices in these regions? “The county housing prices are over 10,000◇•” in the eastern region, many small and medium-sized cities have traded in the real estate market. The reporter combed Chinas housing price quote network and other platform data found that there were more than 100 counties (county-level) in the countr◆△▼.Contacts.