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[uso industrial de las proteinas]China Xinwang on May 28th, according to the website of Guangdong Province, May 27th 0-24, 5 cases of new local non-symptoms in Guangdong Province, 3 cases of Guangzhou report, 1 case of Shenzhen report, Foshan report 1 case. There were 1 case of new overseas, Zhanjiang report from Egypt. There were 5 cases of non-symptomatic infection, 3 cases of Guangzhou▷●, from the United States•★, Egypt and Myanmar; 2 cases of Shenzhen reported from the United States and Cameroon. Newly added 4 cases●△◁. As of 24:00 on May 27◁=▪, there were 2428 cases of new coronal pneumonia in the province (1028 cases of overseas input)•▪. Currently 45 cases in the hospital□-▲▷. [Edit: Huang Yuha□○◇◆.

Zhongxin Net Zhaohot May 28th (Reporter Li Aiping) Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, China This will also mean that Inner Mongolia and “One Belt All Road” economic and trade cooperation have opened new fields. Official news◁△, recently…◆, Inner Mongolia Mengkai Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd▽★. organized 10 second-hand commercial heavy trucks, and arrived at Mongolian countries in Yiduzhu-△=, Qili, Inner Mongolia▽★▲, Xilin Guo Le Lee••. According to corporate feedback☆□, it plans to export 200 commercial heavy trucks from Mongolia in the year. Chinas new network reporter learned, November 2020●▷■★, Inner Mongolia Erd?

China Xinwang, May 28 (Reporter Li Pure) The •△▲”veteran of the veteran” of the veterans will always go to the party, let the retired soldiers become the whole society “The theme speech contest is held in Beijing on the 28th. 10 players from the country demonstrated the style one by one. The Director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and deputy director of the Ministry of Detailed military Affairs attended the event, the relevant departments of the Central and State Organs, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of Drops of the Decoupless Military Affairs (Division), and the relevant personnel of the relevant units△■…. The theme speech competition is “veteran forever with the party” – the important part of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, aimed at speech conte.

Original title: Yangs Taijiquan fifth generation passers-by▽▽▲…, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference-□=, Yang Zhenhe☆…: Tai Chi cant act in a big error=△▽: Legal Evening News reads WeChat public account ○◇▼▷”Yang style Taijie fifth generation”, “Taijiquan Almighty champion “★▽.○★.. Yang Zhenhe is not small in the martial art world. During the national “two sessions”□▼▷▲, the National Committee of the CPPCC△◆△●, the national intangible cultural heritage Yangs Taiji Boxing, Yongnian Yang Zhenhe Taiji National Exclusion☆-▼, the Yang Zhenhe, the Yang Zhenhe★☆, an exclusive interview with the legal evening newspapers, view journalists. He said that Tai Chi cant be a “big mistake”▷▷…○. Talking about “inheritance” requires supermans energy and paying legal evening newspapers · View•▲: In recent years, there are some controversy about Taijiquan, how do you see? Yang Zhenhe: The development of Taijiquan is two legs, and a leg is a culture, fitness, th◁▷○▲.