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[collagen in gelatin]Original title○☆●□: (Economy) Traffic Cartoon Before the end of the year◁▽, I realized 220 city interconnected Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 29 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) Reporter learned from the routine press conference of the Ministry of Transport in the 29th that this year will further expand traffic card interconnection The number of intercommunications, ensuring that the interconnection of 220 cities before the end of the year, expand the application range and quantity, and gradually realize the transition of the original card to the interconnection card. Wang Jing, Wang Jing, the inspector of the transportation service service department of the Ministry of Transport, introduced in-depth investigation, analyzing▽◁, in the basis of seeking the relevant ministries and commissions and industry opinions▼=◁★, formulating the ○▷△”Transport Card Operation Service Quality Management Measures (Trial)” will be this year 4 It is formally implemented in the month of the month; in order to actively promote the development of traffic card mobile payment, formulate “Traffic Cartoon QR code suppo•…▽-.

Original title: Wang Jun, Director of the State Administration of Taxation: On April 1, the “Up to Run★•▷” Director Wang Jun, the Director of the State Administration of Taxation, said in the ministerial channel, from April 1■☆, the State Administration of Taxation promised a list The toll-off matters will all achieve the ▷△=■”up to one” and online full office…▼▲; from August 1st-◇■, the national taxation hall can handle all tax business at the same time△○. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor-•▲•: Huo .

Original title: For five consecutive years◁…, I have a representative of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress▲=△: I want to be from the product change brand cover news reporter Zhang Luaya Beijing photography report as a representative of the National Peoples Congress, Guo Jianhua brings it to the trunk of the nationwide, and there is always a peanut, this year•▽○, She brought a flower to the fifth year of the two sessions•-□. As the 11th, 12th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, Guo Jianhuas most familiar story is a film and opinion. From 1974, she officially became a female press•○, one is 42 years-△. In the process of moving the movie•▽●, she and the people have made a constant love, an important medium between the two is peanuts. On March 12th, when he was interviewed on the cover news, she won one from the stacked peanut table△◇, •○☆”I discharge★◁▲◇!

Original title△=: Shanxi implements a personal teachers report system: whether the gatherings are completed☆▽•, and the teacher must report the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education recently released the new government☆▼■. From the spring semester of the 2018•▪●◆, the teachers personal teachers moral report system is implemented. Teachers self-assessment to the school and accept the supervision of education authorities. Among them, primary and secondary school teachers will focus on reporting about extracurricular training☆◁★□, whether they accept gifts; college teachers focus on academic character, and whether teachers and students are healthy▪★…. Heavy case group No. 37 (WeChat ID☆-: ZHONGANZU37)▼■, note that as a supporting measures, Shanxi Education System will also establish “List of teachers”▽○●, as a ○◆…◇”blacklist” in the field of education, the teachers failure behavior is recorded, will affect Its work and promotion◇●. Classmast? ballistic gummy bear collagen mask facialPectin manufacturer collagen fish collagen peptides gelatin manufacturing,