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[protein shake industry trends]Original title: a piece of color steel plate “forced to stop” Beijing-Shanghai line, how many safety blind regions along the high-speed rail? The railway department has established an effective communication mechanism along the local government along the high-speed railway to jointly take the safety of the high-speed rail. In particular, =★■”Clearance Area■▷▼” neighboring zone cannot be a safety blind spot, which should be optimized from the system to strengthen daily supervision, and clarify the responsibilities and obligations of all parties=•▷•. Wen Editorial Yesterday morning○◇▼☆, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail Beijing south to Langfang caused equipment failure due to a “flying” color steel plate in the day before night. This piece of color steel plate from a hunted private house, a 7-meter-long nearby, causing the contact network in the accident interval to be broken, and the contact network is also severely damaged☆△; 30 on the viaduct The multi-meter rail guardrail, a transformer box is smashed▪•□. After the railway department is repair!

Original title◇=◇▲: Hangzhou vehicle lost control accident 3 dead 14 hurt eyedies: fragment full of Tianfa video bombing China new network Hangzhou July 30 (Guo Qi Zhang Shiyu Wu Xinwei Zhang Bin Hu Zi Fei Luo Yuan An) According to the latest news of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau△▪▼•, July 30▷▽:00 on July 30 06 points, a major road traffic accident occurred in the Queen Road=-, Xihu Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou◇☆□▪. As of now■▷●•, 3 people have died, 14 people are injured, and the wounded is still being treated. The public security organ has made an alcohol test and urine testing of the driver of the driver, and it is still investigating the cause of drunk driving, drug driving▼-▲, and the cause of the accident. Clean up the accident scene. Zhang Shiyu took about 21:30 on the 30th◁★, the reporter arrived at the accident scene•▲=, the scene of the accident has been blocked▽★▽, and the crowd is in the crowd. On-site▲◁•◁, sanitation workers are cleaning china pharmaceutical grade gelatin◇□ Gelatin wholesale bovine gelatin manufacturer protein drinks industry statistics,!

Original title=☆▽: Chinese couple encountered a serious car accident in the United States, the embassy, ​​the police and the US Airlines are such a reply•☆, a pair of Chinese elderly couples in the United States□■, in the United States•◁, encounter bad weather to improve the bus to the destination▼★, then A serious car accident is encountered near Baltimore, Maryland▲☆, causing both the hospital. The Chinese Embassy in US Embassy should report to Xinhua News Agency. After receiving the incident■☆, the Embassy expressed his condolences to the injured in the first time at two oclock on the 3rd, and the hospital did not follow the injured. Treatment▪•◆▷, the current two are no life-threatening. The staff of the Embassy said that they will continue to stay with the parties and provide the parties to provide the necessary consuls. A US airline (USA) female passenger who is unwilling to disclose in social med.

Original title: The National Peoples Congress represents Huang Shuhua Suggestion: Preschool Education Incoming Source: Views News Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Hongpeng) On the afternoon of March 4 It is still the short board for my country, and the top-level design must be fully enhanced from the national level, and the pre-school education is included in the scope of compulsory education, and the level and quality of pre-school education are comprehensively improved. Huang Naihua believes that due to the weak development of the pre-school education development, the investment guarantee mechanism is not perfect, the childrens base▽◇, the demand demand▼◁=●, the gate system is improved◇▼, and the pre-school education has many problems-▷. For example, high-quality education resource degree is serious, especially public kindergartens, quality private kindergartens-◁, and pragmatic educati collagen powder cosmetic■•…!