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[collagen drink sachet skin whitening]China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Sun Affairs) About 1.34 million years ago, the prehistoric cemetery of Jebel Sahaba△▷, is considered to be one of the most ancient sites with the remains of human war. Springer Natural Open Academic Journal “Scientific Report” latest published an archaeological research papers said that archaeological staff showed the researcher of the cemetery○◆•, hunting fishing collectors have participated in many small-scale violence The research papers said that there is healing wound on the bones discovered by the Jet Bell Sahaba cemetery, indicating that these individuals have participated in many violent attacks and live…▲☆, rather than before thinkin.

Today (27th)■•…◁, the Ministry of Transport said that it is accelerating the “Implementation Opinions on Consolidating Expanded Transport Transport Defiration●••”-★◇◇, which is proposed to 2025◆◇-=, which is the ◇△”14th Five-Year Plan” period. Basic realization Conditional construction villages logistics express delivery◁☆=○. Promoting the healthy development of rural logistics, building agricultural products and rural production and living materials, efficient and convenient circulation channels, is of great significance for supporting the revitalization strategy of rural resolution. The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to rural logistics work●★, and the transportation and postal integration of transportation and postal express delivery is the starting point to promote the propaganda of rural logistics service brand as a carrier□•, focusing on rural logistics service network●▽•, enhancing rural logistics service wate?

China Xinwang reported that the foreign media reported that the US Time 26, the United States took a large-scale shooting incident, the US President Bande ordered the White House to reduce the flag▪▽▷, and said “enough”▲■▽□, urged the Congress through more stringent guns Control measures. According to the data of the US “Gun Violence Archives” website, 232 large-scale shootings have occurred in 2021. On May 26th•-●, a shooting incident occurred in a light rail facility in Santa Clara Valley, California◁★•, causing at least 8 deaths, 1 person injured▲◆◁•. China News News Agency Liu Guanguan takes a shooting incident in the early morning of the Northern California, California, causing at least 8 people to d◇▷.