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[collagen foundation]China News Agency=•, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) The latest data released by the Ministry of Commerce on the 27th that Chinas direct investment of 5.96 billion US dollars along the national non-financial in the “One Belt” from January to April this year, increased by 14% year-on-year It is much higher than the growth rate of 2▽☆◁▼.2% of Chinas foreign non-financial direct investment▪…. From January to April■◁, Chinas foreign non-financial direct investment totaled 34▲☆▽◆.32 billion US dollars★◁▽▼, including 17.4% of the countries along the ★◇”all the way”, which rose 1△•▲.8 percentage points from the previous year○…•△. China Enterprises in the relevant countrys new contracting project contract with $ 41.56 billion, completing the turnover of 23.46 billion US dollars, an increase of 25 in a year-on-yea.

Zhongxin Net Jinan May 28 (Sun Tingting) Shandong Province Jinan Based on the Yellow River Cultural Protection Inheritance and Protecting, it will accelerate the provision of the Huanghe Cultural Tourism Project•★, enrich the supply of cultural tourism products•▼▪●, improve public service level△○▽, and promote the high quality of cultural tourism development of. The Yellow River has flown in Dongao Town, Jinan, and exits in Renfeng Town, Jiyang District. Each of these districts and counties have different characteristics and has the advantage of cultural tourism development▲▲. Jinan City Culture and Tourism Bureau Director Yiliang said in an interview with reporters on the 28th that the creative transformation of the Yellow River culture, the innovative development, Jinan will promote development of industrial tourism, interspecial tourism, sports tourism, research and tourism, et!

Original title◆▲□: Exclusive heavy liquid collagen shot fish oil soft gelatin capsule Pectin manufacturer! protein bar industry! Domestic aircraft carrier core material exposure▷▷…: real “world top match”◆○☆= protein shake industry trends! The 19th National Congress has always emphasized that China must build industrial powers and steel is the basic industry of a country and the lifeblood of the national economy□●. The development of the steel industry can be said to be closely linked to a national economy, society or even national defense construction. We know-■▪◁, my countrys first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship has officially entered the Navy, the first domestic aircraft carrier has also been underwater in April 2017▷-, which marks the continuous growth of my countrys naval national defense. The construction of the aircraft carrier is closely related to the continuous development of my countrys steel industry. Here, the Chinese aircraft carrier built 70% of the special steel steel steel industrys emerald▲•◇▪, and an important steel production base in my country because of the city of steel. He.