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[bovine skin gelatin powder]On March 4th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference at the Peoples Great Hall Press Release Department on March 4th, and Zhang Yucai, the General Assembly spokesman, answered questions about China and foreign reporters on the issue of the General Assembly agenda and peoples work. Zhang Yixu●•★▼: The 13th National Peoples Congress has representatives of 2,980, and there are currently 2976 representatives to report to the General Assembly=◆. The preparations for the General Assembly have been all ready. This morning◇△…■, the conference held a preparatory meeting•◁, adopted the agenda of the General Assembly■•●…, elected the Bureau of the General Assembly of 190, and election Wang Chen as the Secretary General of the General Assembly. The General Assembly will open on March 5th●○◁, on the morning of March 20th, the meeting is 15 days★◆◁, which is slightly longer than the 12th National Peoples Congress, which is mainly determined by the agenda of the General Assembly▼□-◆. Ten agenda of this conference△■●-, the first to thi.

Original title■=: “Red Sea Action▲★★” is suddenly stopped in Vietnam, only because this scene … Movie, the Soldier Group completed the task, the picture of the East China Sea (ie, China South China Sea). Some Chinese warships are surrounded by an unknown nationality, saying that this is a Chinese territory, requiring it to leave. The total box office has exceeded the China Movie “Red Sea Action△◆★” of the RMB 35 billion■△★, but it was offline in Vietnam•■. The Vietnam Express reported that the film contained the scene of the Chinese warship in the “disputed waters◆◇▲”, causing disputes in Vietnam. “Red Sea Action” movie poster “Red Sea Action” began in Vietnam on March 16. “Vietnamese Express” said that the Vietnamese film issuance reported that the film stopped the show after the Vietnamese cinema was released on 10 days▲★. Vietnam responsible for the fi▽◇▷▷.

Original title: Rehabilitation Xiaoyan incident▷…☆▼: Do not give yourself plus the self-cultivation of volunteers in Xiao Fengya incident, the volunteers have the active movement of the service object and is full of greatness, this is very unprofessional◁=▼. Text Zhang Tianpan “Xiaoyuyas death” incident has gradually presents a relatively clear context, from the beginning of the Qianfeng Yas parents, and now public opinion generally questioned the volunteers in the event and spread this online○■. The initiator of the matter□▽, the direction of public opinion has taken great shift=▽▷▼. Writers Chen Hao, volunteers who participated in this matter and some netizens of netizens, causing secondary injuries to Xiao Fengya parents△◇-, from helping people…☆◇, and rescue people finally evolved into ▪▲•-“hurt people…▪.” ▲ Writer Chen Wei Weibo screenshot some volunteers who care about Xiao Fengya and self-media, without confirming all the fac.

Original title▼△▷□: Xian “buy a house shake” 8 people were dismissed: Who created a list of relationships? Source: Jin Yun News boiled “Xian Purchase Household Relationship Household☆☆○” incident has the latest progress☆▼▷▪: On the evening of the 2nd■◇, the Changan District Government issued the processed results of this matter through official Weibo “@ Changan”•◇, surveyed-=, there are 35 The public officials are requested by the purchaser□…★▲, giving the relevant personnel of the “South Changan Street No◆▷■◁.▼★•▼” project department “say hello”○☆, causing adverse effects. 8 people were dismissed▲▷□, 5 people were severely warned in the party, and 8 people were remembered, and 14 were remembered■●△◇, and 6 were adjusted at the same time. After the exposure of May 24, Jin Yun news launched a survey△•. After a few days of visiting◆▪-, in addition, the “processing results☆•▷•” of this words,.