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[ankur protein industries ltd]Original title▷▲◁▼: △=”Sanbei” protective forest is a haze to help? Expert: fake•■□▪! [Global Times reporter Bai Yunyi] is located in the “three-north” protective forest in the north•◆▪-, often become a “back pot” of the large-scale smog in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. There is a rumor that it has blocked the wind blowing smog. Going to the winter☆○, this spring, Tianjin-Hebi is obviously reduced, “Three North●●☆” protective forests have been felled to ensure Beijing •■★▽”Blue Sky”. ▪△”Three-North” protective Lin really is the harmonious of the northern smog? “The Global Times” reporter interviewed Zhang Hengde▪▷, director of the Environmental Meteorological Center of China Meteorological Bureau, and member of the National Committee of the Chinese Meteorological Association, Zhang Xingwei, deputy director of the National Committee of China, and the deputy director of the China Meteorological Bureau Remote Sensing Application Service Center. The picture shows the autumn scenery of Inner Mongolia, the autumn scenery of Inner Mongoli.

Original title: Dong Yu, dean of Guangdong Provincial Population Development Research Institute●■▲•: It is expected that the Guangdong s live resident population will be “see the top” in 2035=▽, the peak is close to 130 million, and the ◇▷”talents battle” all over the country is getting hot, and it is gradually Trends from talents spread to the population level. As the first largest province of the national economy and population◁◁▪▷, Guangdong is also one of the most active provinces that attract talent and development population recent years◆□…•. ●○”Guangdong Provincial Population Development Plan (2017-12030)”, “Bao, Guangdong Province, is proposed▼◇■, by 2020, the total amount of resident population is about 114 million, the goal of about 125 million people in 2030, and emphasizes the construction of a birth-friendly Society, promoting urban population agglomeration◇■■★, etc●◆. At present▽◆…, what kind of population development situation is facing Guangdong? Guangdongs li.

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) China-Myanmar border Yunnan Ruili will carry out the nature of all nuclear sieve testing in China▲•☆▽, Kunming, May 27th (Han Shuai South) Yunnan Province Ruili New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters on the 27th announced, In order to maintain the failure of the epidemic prevention and control△○, further strengthen the normalization of the epidemic, and the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters decided to carry out normally all-round nucleic acid screening inspection•◁◆◇. According to the announcement, the main urban sampling time is from May 29 to 30, 2021◇□, and the townships and farm sampling time are May 31▽=▪, 2021. The sampling range of the main city includes: Sister Guardian Community; Yuxi Town Friendship Community◁☆★◇, Sichuan Communit•△◁.

Original title▲•: Taiwan fishermen suspected that the Diaoyu Islands is suspected to drive to the mainland to request support video screenshot Overseas network on March 16th▲◆●, a Taiwan fishing boat to save the mainland▷▼○, the video is exposed to the mainland, the Taiwan fishing boat seems to be Japan in the Diaoyu Islands Drive○-●, so far to Guangzhou. According to Taiwans “Apple Daily”, the video shows that the Taiwan fishing boat calls Guangzhou Taiwan, asking for whether the Diaoyu Islands is the jurisdiction of China, the other party answered, “Yes, yes”▽…☆. Taiwan fishing boats also asked, =◁▲•”Can I ask for mainland assistance in the Diaoyu Islands◇▷△?” Said that “said” Taiwan fishing boat, no matter what happens in any waters, you can call Guangzhou Taiwan. ” After the Taiwan fishermen▷•■, he also said in the video. □-“The mainland fishermen are also here, the Japanese people dont dare to come to catch up.▽…” Taiwan media sai. organic gelatine gelatin online factoryPectin manufacturer gellatin how to make 0.1 gelatin solution,