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[recombinant protein industry]Q: The US announced the list of recommendations for the investigation of China 301 investigations◇▷. What is Chinas comment? A: The US Eastern Time April 3, the US Trade Representative Office announced the list of recommendations on China 301 investigations. Chinas Ministry of Commerce spokesperson has shown that Chinas strict position. I have to emphasize that the US is not responsible for the strictness of the Chinese◇-◁-, and there is no fact that the taxation suggestion is a typical single-sided and trade protectionism△▼▼•. The Chinese strongly condemned and resolutely opposed. The United States moved to the essence of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation mutual benefit and win-win, and the interests of the industry of the two countries and the interests of consumers, which is not conducive to the national interests of the United States, which is not conducive to Chinas national interests, which is also not conducive to the global economic interests. The US practices seriously violated the basic principles and fine of W.

Original title▪☆: Gansu Baiyinqiang rainfall triggered mountain flood: 9 people killed 3 people lost rescue continued to conduct CCTV news: From August 9th to August 10, Gansu Baiyin City has continued to rain and rain▷•, silver area, Jing Jing The impaired mountain floods, roads▲◁, houses, etc. in some areas such as Yuanxian are serious◁▷▽◆. Up to now★○•○, 9 people in Jingyuan County have been killed, and 3 people are missing. Editor in charge: Huo .

Original title★▪□: Building a system complete-••, scientific normative■△★, efficient party and national institutional function system Yang Xiaotai Partys 19th China Plenary Session in-depth implementation of Chinas characteristic socialist thinking, comprehensively implement the 19th National Spirit of the Party, review “The Decision of the Central Committee on Deepening the Reform of the Party and National Institutions-•” and ▪○”Deepening the Party and National Institution Reform Plan◁★△”, fully reflecting the firm and developing socialism with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, and bravely self-revolutionary determination and Political courage•□◇●, reflecting the leadership of the party, the country is rich, the national revitalization▼•★■, the happiness of the people, and the mission. ☆△”Decision” clearly puts forward◁□◇, deepening the reform of the party and national institutions, the goal is to build system complete, scientific norms, and run an efficient party and national institutional function system. This is the Party Central Committ.

Original title: This ▷◁▪▽”flash” in the Rome airport has not read it◁◁▽▲, but has teared on February 20th•◆, the Roman airport is a ★○”flash”, so many Chinese people tears☆☆□▪. On the same day, there was a plane in the Rome airport to Shanghai. The sudden music is full of waiting time, and let the people who are in an exotic town feel the call and warmth of the motherland•○△★. Sitting in the town, it is a 94-year-old commander Cao Peng□•, and the violin group of the white black dress is the little daughter of Cao Lao. This melody is beautiful and flash is spread online, soon the foreign network platform fire. This is Cao Peng did not think. Cao Peng introduced◇●▼★, in mid-Februar?

Original title: 45 billion debt suddenly burst△★, Zhejiang star company is in a hurry! A big rescue has begun to select “500 Chinese private enterprises••” in 16 years. Last year, the 27th of Zhejiang 100-digit company is listed, due to the difficulty of financing the debt, encounters liquidity dilemmas high quality gelatin red capsules Gelatin capsule.! Shield Anne report showed that the Groups interest-like liabilities of the Group exceeded 45 billion yuan, “” That urgently requested the provincial governments to coordinate and promote the measures to solve the crisis “.□…◇” ▲ Hangzhou Shield An Building, every reporter, Ye Xiandan / photography on May 2◁▷◆●, Zhejiang Provincial Financial Office held the Shield Animation Coordination Association, solving emergency problems such as Shield Group Bond Finance and Bank Loans. On the same day, the two A-share companies under Shield An-○●-, and the Jiangnan Chemical Synchronous suspension. Daily economic news (mic gelatin in vitamins halal gelatin capsule purple white industrial applications of protein engineering!