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[protein powder industry analysis]Original title: 114 “Building Block” to bring out the first science test ice cream of •▽▷•”Snow Dragon 2▷▼◁”◆-, my countrys self-constructed “snow dragon 2″ effect map China Polar Research Center for the map◆◁, reporter Chen Yu, my countrys independent construction The first science test icebreaker ☆△=•”Snow Dragon 2” ushered in another milestone node. The Science and Technology Daily reporter learned from the China Polar Research Center that the ship (shipyard number “H2560″) was officially docking in the Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co◁◁▽., Ltd. in Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co.◁▽, Ltd.. The Code of Science Auto Equipment will not complete the relevant personnel in this stage■□□, ▲◁”Xuelong 2▼…-” uses the total section construction method, that is■=◁…, according to the computer modeling method, divides the hull into 114 segments, and then the segmentation total consists of 11 Total segment, 11 total segments follow from 艉 艏, from bel.

Original title: Knocking on the blackboard! Government work report revealed that there are many opportunities in these areas what is hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides industrial fractionation of main whey proteins▷▪▽△ gelatine capsules size 1! In 2018, the governments work report was released△△•, and the work of this year was suggested◆▷•. Report of nearly 20,000 words mentioned which key areas○=•? Which development opportunities are included in it◇•…□? Peoples Daily client combed, lets take a look■▷◁! 1. Artificial intelligence to implement large data development actions, strengthen new generation of artificial intelligence research and development applications▪★☆, promote “Internet +” in many fields such as medical, pension■△-▪, education, culture, and sports○★▲. Develop intelligent industries and expand intelligent life. Use new technologies, new forms, new models, and vigorously renovate the traditional industry. 2,5g, new energy vehicles, new materials and other industries promote integrated circuits, fifth generation mobile communications, aircraft engines, new energy vehicles★●▲▽, new materials and other industrial developmen!

(The two sessions were released) Supreme Peoples Court Work Report (Abstract) Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 9th▲•, the Supreme Peoples Court, Zhou Qiang, is the Supreme Peoples Courts Work Report to the 13th National Peoples Congress on the 13th National Peoples Congress☆=•. Abstract The following five years since the 18th National Congress of the Party, under the strong leadership of the party centers and the core of Xi Jinping, the Supreme Peoples Court adheres to the socialist thinking of Xi Jinpings new era, and fully implement the 18th National Congress of the Party. And the 19th National Spirit, faithfully fulfilled the responsibilities of the constitutional law■★▲, and closely around “efforts to feel fairness and justice” in every judicial case, adhere to the judiciary, fair justice, and constantly improve the quality efficiency of trial quality. Team quality and judicial credibility▽■■●. From 2013 to 2017, the Supreme Peoples Court accep.

Original title: 218 days before China and US Trade: The worlds two major economies trade friction is how to lose control-■☆, and after 218 days of preparation, US President Turkong has a protection terms set when developing in the Cold War. Opened the trade war against China. At the early morning of March 23, Beijing time, Trump signed the presidential memorandum, announced that it will increase tariffs on the large-scale duty of goods imported from China. He said in front of the White House, Chinas commodity scale involving taxes can reach 60 billion US dollars – this is more than $ 50 billion in the Bai House official to 50 billion US dollars in the Bookstore▼★◁-. After the Turku signature, he raised a memorandum in front of the reporter to show his hard attitude to the outside world, especially in Beijing. This is just the fir?

Original title: Chen Min said in consideration of the governments work report, with Xi Jinpings new era, Chinas characteristic socialist thinking promotes the continued healthy development of Chongqing Economic and Society, this newspaper Beijing March 5 (Reporter Yang Fan) March 5, the National Peoples Congress On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Min, in the review of the Governments work report, we must resolutely safeguard the partys central authority and centralized leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. The spirit of nine and reports, promoting central decision-making deployment in Chongqings landing roots…◆, flowering results, and promoting the continued healthy development of Chongqing s economic and society. Chen Min said, listened to the governments work report, and feel excited and proud of Li Keqiang Prime Minister★★□•. Reporting through the new era of Xi Jinping, a socialist thinkin?Contacts gelatin manufacturer in!