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Contacts.[super collagen]Original title: Wang Jianjun•=□: It is recommended to change the highest sentence of fraud to a low risk of fraudulent issuance▲=○, leading to the problems of such capital market violations and violations, have been concerned by investors, especially small and medium investors. Wang Jianjun, a representative of the National Peoples Congress▼◁, and General Manager of the Shenzhen Exchange, said that the reporter reporter reported that the illegal cost of the capital market should further improve the capital market. It is reported that during the national two sessions this year, he led the “proposal on the revision of criminal law to increase fraudulent issuance of criminal law”●◇. It is recommended to change the highest sentence of fraud from five years to life, and improve the amount of penalty accordingly. Wang Jianjun▪▲, a representative of the National Peoples Congress•▼○, and the general manager of the Shenzhen Exchange. Another proposal of Wang Jianjun focused on the disabilities of the Listing of the same share of the same stock. The question is “About the revision of the compa●★◇▪.

The Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs of 10=□▲•:00 this morning○□△, I want to see the island△◇▽○. However, after the reporter will end-…, Wang Yi is preparing to get up and stand up, a reporter of the modern express report is shouting: “Foreign Minister,” I have the act of rushing the nations bottom line for recent ★▪▲”,”•○…, ▼★▪◁”Although the scene is very noisy However, after he listened to the problem, he waved in a serious man▲……□, angered: “The” Chinas defeat! ▪□-☆”During this time, some” fine sun □★▽◇”molecules will then challenge the national bottom line, take national scars Just kidding, triggering the strong indignation in all walks of life. Previously, two men drew their imitation Japans second-party military uniforms before the Nanjing anti-Japanese bunker ruins, and was taken by Nanjing police for 15 days★○. Today, today (8th), in the invasion of the Nanjing Massac.

At the 13th National Peoples Congress, I held a press conference at the Peoples Gaocational Press Release Office on March 4th, and the General Assembly spokesperson answered questions about China and foreign journalists on issues related to the Agenda and Peoples Congress. Reuters reporters have increased this years China defense budget than last year•◇•? What kind of consideration is there behind the increase? Thank you. Zhang Yucai national defense budget is indeed an old problem for the annual news conference. National defense construction should be coordinated with economic construction and adapt to national security and development interests◆▽◆=. According to national defense needs and the national economic development level, the national defense budget is the universal practice of countries•••. In recent years■◆◁•, China is moderately increased national defense investment▼■◁, and quite part of them is to make up for the lack of investment in the past, mainly used to update armed equipment, improve military student Bovine collagen peptide industrial scale protein purification and preparation▽◁ industrial microwave only protein size 5 gelatin capsules!

Original title▽●: Yuan Mao Rongs representative: Name the first domestic aircraft carrier with ●▷◇•”Wei Wen”, and Shang Dong Wus leader has reached the domestic aircraft carrier ship scaffold has been removed. Oriental IC Diagram According to March 13 CCTV news, the first domestic aircraft carrier has entered the joint adjustment stage, the host has traveled◁•◇, and there will be surprises during the year. At the national two sessions★=▲, many representatives also pay attention to this large country◁○▽☆. The director of the National Peoples Congress, the director of the Standing Committee of the Taizhou Municipal Peoples Congress made suggestions to name “Wei Wen” to name Chinas first domestic aircraft carrier. Who is Qiwen? The huge historical theme of the second floor of Taizhou City Administration Building, the “Pooping Sea Yizhen…◁•◇” , Talk about him○▷. Historical▪•★□, Wei W▼=☆.

Original title●▲○: 5G huge waves hit, is the opportunity to mature? The 5G wave is impacted in the telecommunications industry and peoples lives at the expected speed. At this years MWC World Mobile Communications Conference, 5G is unquestionable star. Huawei★☆, ZTE●…, Gao Tong, Intel and other industry giants have shown 5G “muscles▲▼◇▪”, released a speech, and showcase products. On the one hand●◁, 5G products and services have changed human life, forming a non-blocking technology wave; and on the other hand, there are also speaking opinions to 5G commercial use. Is 5G commercialization really mature▽▪●? Many 5G applications have been found for 5G related technologies and standards, and the industry has been studied for many years. However, in 2018□▪, 5G came out of the laboratory and exhibitions▼▽▪▪, widely and application scenario…●■△.