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[protein industry sales]From the snack hand to the ticket pet blind box wind scrape the problem frequent experts suggest that the blind box for the fire is reduced. ● Not only the stationery blind box○=▽, all walks of life have begun to blow a blind box, book blind box ■■▲…, The archaeological blind box and the snack-free blind box in the food field, the fresh blind box has also followed, push the blind box economy to the climax ● Some blind box products, the Central Construction Association points out existence of excessive marketing■◆-, false propaganda, product quality is difficult to guarantee , Consumer disputes■=…, etc▪◇•., etc.▷…●, etc., for the chaos of the blind box economy△▪==, can consider establishing a set of market access systems, starting from the opposite direction☆…▽, and listing the types of goods that cannot be used as a blind box▷-, such as living animals▼◇▲◆, etc. Box goods cant be violat.

Original title○★▷=: Hebei Ning Jin, △-★”Red Water Pouring Floor▼□-▪” Event Tracking▪-: Sending Water Sample Color Hardness, etc…▽=◁. Over the standard Beijing News News (Reporter 寇家 林 斐)) On April 2, Hebei Province Xingtai Environmental Protection Bureau Ningjin Branch Deputy Director Zhang Liqiang responded to Ning Jins ○■-“Red Water Pouring Floor” incident▲◇☆, according to the groundwater standard, the pre-check water sample found that there was a case where chrominance exceeded the standard, the total hardness exceeded the standard, the environmental protection department suspected that there was a dusty layer to enter the water, and now still Find▷●□-. On March 29th●●…, the video of irrigated farmland water in Ningcao, Ningjin County, Xingtai City, circulated on the Internet. On April 1, Ningjin police informed the investigation. According to the investigation-▷•▲, a group of enterprises in the nearby businesses were used to discharge harmful substances, and three people involved were controlled by the police. On the morning of April 2nd, the Beijing News reporter followed the Xingtai Environmental Protection Department and the EI!

China New Network May 28▷▽, the Ministry of Finance, on the 28th, in its official website▼◁▽, from January to April 2021▽◇▽, national and state-owned holding enterprise economic operation. Data shows that from January to April 2021, the national and state-owned holding enterprises (hereinafter referred to as state-owned enterprises) continue to maintain higher growth◇○▪, and state-owned economic operations show steadily recovery◆○. In terms of business income, January-April, the total number of state-owned enterprises operating in total is 22.215.7 billion yuan, an increase of 32■…◁▪.2% year-on-year, an average increase of 8◇◆.4% in two years (in 2019, the number of syntax is calculated by geometric average). Among them, the central government is 126.37.09 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of△◇☆?

Original title: Wuhan college students have a comprehensive upgrade of the first batch of ••”20% discount” college students in the city, housing, home•▷=▲, housing, room, bedroom•◆☆=, Changjiang Daily=☆◁, May 21▪★-•, there is a dream, stay Wuhan=△▼, good honest▽◆△, build college students Friendly city, from today=•, the citys first batch of 20% of the market price is from the city, and the Youth City, the Youth City◇=★●, will sell eligible college students■◁◁. Wuhan Jingang Economic and Technological Development Zone recruiting bureaus (East and West Lake District Party Committee)◁■, Dongxi Lake District Housing Security and Housing Authority■○◁◁, Dongxi Lake City Investment Construction Development Co.▪◁○●, Ltd. According to the announcement, it will be piloted by the ••”Lin Kong Youth Youth City” to make a college student housing pilot, and sell 20% of the market price to the eligible university graduat. fish gelatin is gelatin a collagen Gelatin capsule best fish collagen peptide pectin gummy hydration,